urgent sizing question-very prive


Nov 15, 2007
Dublin, Ireland
this is a bit urgent!! how do these run size wise? i have the chance to get a good price on the tortoise patent, but they are UK 4.5. i am UK 5 in most shoes, any chance they will fit? i just got the Anemone in a UK 5 and they are slipping off my foot when i walk, so maybe the 4.5 would be ok?



More is More
Mar 27, 2007
La Belle Vie
VP should run true to size. So if the pigalle was a bit big maybe a 4.5 would be better although the toe area in my opinion is a little more on the narrow side so maybe a UK 5 to be safe and put in heel grips or an insole, which is what I do for most my shoes if its a little loose.

Another thing to note is that ladies with narrow feet tend to size down for Pigalle 120 styles. If thats your case then a UK 5 might be ideal with the VP.