Urgent sizing help

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  1. Sorry to post here but I need a really quick answer on this if possible - I'm a 36 in nps,vps and ron rons so would a 36 be ok for armadillo and c'est moi? Should I size up to 37 for c'est moi?
  2. Yes, I think both of those would work for you. Good luck!
  3. I think you may need to size up for the c'est moi.
  4. ^^^ yes, 36 for the armadillos. 37 for the c'est mois.
  5. i sized up for c'est mois
    n i just ordered armadillos =P
  6. Sorry to confuse you but the c'est mois were tts for me. Im a 35.5 to 36 and I bought them in a 35.5, I do however seem to be the only one. Sorry!

    Lilgooseberry - did you read my public humiliation thread? As you have the c'est mois how do you find walking in them? Maybe I needed an extra size for balance LOL
  7. Armadillos: 36
    C'est Mois: 36.5
  8. I concur with Karwood, if you have to make a quick decision. I am still concerned re the c'est mois

    You've had a few varied answers though, good luck whatever you decide. Let us know OK
  9. Thanks all! I think the 36 is my only option so will see how they go! Will keep you all posted :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.