URGENT! Should I get the petrol or the blueberry?

  1. :sweatdrop:This is so last minute but I only just noticed a petrol spy up for auction. There is also a blueberry on Eluxury which I was planning to get. Now I'm confused about the colors, doesnt help that I cant put them side by side. I saw the thread where someone has pics of them side by side, but would anyone like to offer me their opinions? Which one would YOU get?
  2. tough decision! i have seen both, and at some point owned both. i guess it would depend on what colors you typically wear in your wardrobe and whether any of those colors match too much or clashes. i personally am in love with the blueberry but i wouldn't mind getting my hands on the petrol baby spy.

    fyi: i emailed the seller about the petrol spy on eBay a few days ago, requesting additional photos. they revealed major scratches on the bottom. i attached the photos that the seller sent me (i hope it's ok to do so!). so please take caution if you decide to bid on this bag. the seller did not disclose these scratches in her auction (in fact, i think the seller claims that the bag is super mint like new, which in fact, it's more like excellent well used with blushing throughout).

    sorry if i am of no help in the color decision, but i hope the photos will help with something :flowers:
    IMG_1852b.jpg IMG_1853b.jpg
  3. shopping, hard to tell 100% from those photos, but it does look like the color on this petrol may not be as vibrant as it once was.

    kneehighz, I think I prefer the blueberry, but I think most people prefer petrol. I think the colors are pretty well represented in that thread I posted a couple days ago--just think about your wardrobe and which color will fit better.
  4. oh wow, this is crazy, thanks so much for the help. I've never bought a bag off of eBay (ok I lie, I did 2 years ago- a gucci and balenciaga-and they were both fakes). I was new then! But since then I swore it off, now I'm desperate. Well it ends in a couple hours so We'll see how it goes..
  5. here's the rest of the photos i got, just in case anyone wants to see. i had to reduce the size since i can't upload gi-normous photos. i try to zoom in on the blushing areas.

    kneehighz - i wish you the best of luck on your color decision!
    IMG_1785b.jpg IMG_1785c.jpg IMG_1786b.jpg IMG_1791b.jpg IMG_1792b.jpg
  6. cognac anyone?=( [​IMG]
  7. Isn't cognac gorgeous?
    My own personal like is the petrol but let us know what you decide!
  8. I'm heartbroken:crybaby: I didn't win it (the petrol):sad:
  9. well you can still get blueberry or cognac--get a nice new one without scratches and blushing! These are still two great colors.
  10. Wow! It sold for above the BIN price...that's happened a lot ladies...sometimes ya gotta grab it! :true:

    If you really like the color, they come up for auction every few months it seems...just be patient & wait for another chance...:smile: Maybe try one of the other choices for now...
  11. I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! The blueberry that is! phew! It went of the Eluxury site but I kept refreshing and when it reappeared I grabbed it! I can't believe it! With the free shipping upgrade I should get it by saturday weeeeeeeee:supacool:
  12. I would have chosen blueberry too! The colour on that petrol seemed too 'washed out' for my liking :s
    Congrats! Cant wait to see pics :yahoo:
  13. Good choice, you're not gonna regret it. It is a stunning colour going by Litigatrix's pics.
  14. blueberry!!