Urgent!!! Shoppers & color mavens!!! Need help!!!

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  1. Ok, I have to decide between 2 styles & some colors that I have never seen and did not find in the reference library, so I am HOPING someone(s) more up to date on colors/combos can help me out here...

    (ok, taking a deep breath...)

    Has anyone ever seen a Marwari in...naturel? :nuts: Does clemence come in naturel? IF you've ever seen the Marwari in naturel, does anyone know what color the straps are???

    There is also one in ecru/beige. Anyone ever seen this color or combo?

    There is an Evelyne in fauve. Anyone know anything about this color???

  2. Parcheim u mean?

    anin8888 has one in parcheim. the handle is like barenia colour, that is a vache hunter leather

    fauve is pretty dark if i m nt wrong
  3. I have the Jige Elan in Fauve Tadelakt. I love it is a beautiful color. Reminds me of light Barenia.
  4. Robee, did you ring? Hee hee!!!

    Yes, Robee is spot on! The handle is suede-like on the underside - doesn't fall off the shoulder easily.

  5. i just posted some pix of a fauve kelly in roo's thread on barenia.....love fauve
  6. I read the color names right off the inventory list..and that's what had me so confused...as far as I know, the Marwari is only made in clemence, and the Evelyne in clemence, epson, or the very rare barenia piece...

    For the Marwari, it was definitely naturel and ecru/bei which I took to be beige for the straps..there were parchemin listed also, but the ecru & naturel were separate listings...

    For the Evelyne there were 3 that are listed as fauve! I hope to find out tomorrow what skin!

    Thanks Penny, anin & tesi..I'm on my way to check out the links!
  7. tesi I just looked at the pic of your fauve Kelly! :love:

    Oh how I miss the days when if I couldn't decide I just took both (or three)..but..wow..what I decision I have to make!

    Marwari on naturel? Or Evelyne in fauve, or Evelyne in my long loved vert bronze?!

    Thanks everyone for your help!
  8. SO..it turned out that the naturel & ecru Marwaris were canvas...:nogood:

    The fauve Evelyne was a toile& leather combo...also...:nogood:

    I passed on the Parchemin Marwari in clemence ...now I am regretting it!
  9. patience, grasshopper!!! :biggrin:
  10. :roflmfao:

    I forgot to say I took the vert bronze Evelyne GM III....but *sigh* that Parchemin Marwari...:love:

    ah, yes..patience...patience...:P
  11. Evelyne in fauve!!sounds nice!!I have croc in fauve....FAB!!:wlae:
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