Urgent!!! Shld i get M/L (black) or the white jumbo???

  1. Hello all, i just returned from the store and came home with a Medium/Large Classic Caviar Flap (in black). My SA has on hold for me a Jumbo (white caviar w S/HW) and between these 2 babies, I have chosen the M/L Black Caviar instead and now when i'm at home, i feel so lost!!! Coz i kept thinking of the white jumbo - 2 reasons -

    1. The jumbo is a good size for my daily essentials
    2. The white caviar is a seasonal collection and my SA told me that Chanel white pieces are like treasures, meaning very sought after for chanel collectors.

    However I have afew concerns as well.
    1. White is hard to maintain?
    2. It will turn yellow?
    3. SA said can't use white as a daily bag
    4. The jumbo is not suitable for evening/dinner wear.

    How??! My dearest TPFers, please help me make a decision.. I have to make a decision by tonight and go back tom if i wana change to the white jumbo... pleaase help me....... thanks a billion million!!!!
  2. Well I too have just taken delivery of the white Jumbo, (I had the medium in black previously also), and I have to say, the white is just incredible!!!!

    Being caviar, I really do not think white is going to be harder to maintain than a beige or pink, as you really can just wipe them down, and I cannot see why it cannot be used daily? I will be as careful with my white as possible to be (and must confess to not using one bag continually anyway).

    You are correct about it being too large for an evening bag, but perhaps, think about saving for a black caviar timeless clutch, as a compromise (they are one of the most affordable Chanels left now ;)), and then you would have a couple of alternatives.

    In my experience, if you come home and are still lusting too much about another bag, it usually means you have bought the wrong one home!
  3. Well if the black medium isnt quite ringing that belll for you, perhaps you should get the white jumbo. Its a stunning bag! I dont know about it being "seasonal". I know the white has been available for some time now and I thought it was part of the timeless colors. Maybe Im wrong? I bought mine last winter.
  4. Tough choice, what about a black jumbo since you like that size for everyday and the black is easier to care for...
  5. omg, chloe-babe-- you are soooo rite!!! I'm lusting after the white every single minute on my way home and NOW!! Gosh, its such a pain to be troubled , haha... now though i liked as much the black caviar, but i also see myself using the white jumbo more often... :sad:
  6. I would go with the white jumbo.

    Before I got my black jumbo, I borrowed my mom's M/L (in black), and I just found it to be too small. You seem to be leaning towards the white jumbo, and I think it looks absolutely beautiful... so I'd go with that!
  7. ahhh maybe go back again if you can and have one last try. Atleast that way you will know for sure if you got the right one. And is that a Chi in your avatar? If so, we have the same taste in bags and dogs lol ;)
  8. Yes Chloe-babe...it is.. her name's Minnie.. gee... we sure share the same tastes...:graucho:
    But my fren was trying to dissuade me to get the white and ask me to wait for the black jumbo.. however my heart is leaning more towards the white ... tom i will be going back to the store to see the white again... hopefully i will get the white home by then.. hee hee..
  9. good luck with your decision teddy.:tup: i think you are leaning towards the white jumbo;)....gorgeous choice, hope you are thrilled with whichever you decide upon!:okay:
  10. ahh Minnie is beautiful, I have Mr Big sitting on my chair right now while I type, soaking up the sun through the window, a little piccie taken right now for you ;)


    cant wait to hear which one you come back with tomorrow :tup:
  11. Oh my! YOur chi is soooooo cute... ... thks for your effort.. :flowers:
  12. cute puppy!!!!!!!!!!! oh and go for the jumbo...yes you won't use it everyday but you will love it.
  13. aw, the doggie is adorable!!
  14. That dog is too cute!

    Anyways, white jumbo gets my vote. :yes:

    PS - there really is no better time to get a jumbo than RIGHT NOW. The prices of the jumbo have skyrocketed lately, so if you're thinking jumbo then get it now before it goes up even more next year. The M/L doesn't increase as much as the jumbo does over time, so get the jumbo first and the M/L later if it's still on your mind.
  15. Oh yeah, and my SA also told me white is a bit harder to find because of the fact that a lot of places don't order the white during winter season or something along those lines...