URGENT: Saks Return Centre

  1. Is there such a thing? I really need to know for an ebay auction item?
  2. Never heard of it. Unless they mean Saks off 5th
  3. No, they said that they bought the item as a return from the Saks Return Center :confused1:
  4. I'm presuming it's connected to Saks 5th Av... maybe their outlet store?
  5. Never heard of a "return center". Saks.com has a warehouse where they ship online purchases from, but I don't know why anyone would call that a "return center". And the Off 5th is saks' outlet store...not a "return center" either. Unless this seller knows something we don't, I don't think I would bid.
  6. Never heard of it either. Shallot would you care to share your ebay auction # so we can help?? You could also call the saks.com number and ask them if they have a return center that they sell their items when they are returned from online purchases?? It sounds strange.
  7. I decided not to buy from that seller. I didn't want to risk something that I wasn't comfortable with
  8. Is this thread dead or can I re-open it again? I went searching on Google for the SAKS RETURN CENTER or NEIMAN RETURN CENTER as this ebay seller is offering a few bags and says she buys everything from the return center as they are more affordable... and they put and X in magic marker on the inside so that the bag cannot be returned to them. Soooo I have to ask again... anyone ever hear of this? Very strange, yet the photos of the bag seem 100%, can't find a difference from the real deal... Hope someone can share their experiences with "return centers" ---- first time poster on your forum :smile:
  9. I don't remember exactly. But I have read Saks and Nordie warehouse kind places on the forum. Those are not their regular outlet stores. I think Nordie one is in AZ and Saks one is in MD. They sell things really cheap. Someone said it's worth to go there, even if you need to fly there. But they do mark items very visible and not erasable.

    OK, now I remember. A member posted a picture of a sandal with a drilled hole on the sole part. She bought it from an ebay seller and the seller didn't disclose it. Some members said the sandals must come from Nordie's warehouse kind final sale place. I don't remember how the store called. The other member mentioned about Saks version. So it seemed it existed. But I'm not 100% positive I'm talking about the same place that your ebay seller mentioned.
  10. Yess saks has a returns center near maryland...they black out all
    out brand names ...including Chanel bags and stuff like that. Stuff is super cheap there and can be damaged. I wouldn't buy from there from a reseller!
  11. U can do a search on it there are some posts about it.
  12. Well, whatever it is they need to open one here..........I just found out tonight that our NM Last Call is shutting down next month.............I am seriously in mourning :crybaby::cursing::pout:
  13. Thank you guys so much for responding. The Seller showed the "X" on the inside of the bag indicating it can't be returned, but also indicating that it was purchased this way. I dont mind if it's a little irregular, as it could be purchased for less than a brand new one... and normally I mind about that, but I'm going through a serious bag moment, buying whatever I love, and that can be dangerous!!! I have been comparing everything with this bag and the only thing I can see that's different is that it's a little scratched up on the leather... which means it was probably a floor sample that was touched a lot. Anyway... really appreciate the help :smile: CAN SOMEONE tell me how to get an avatar and change my name on here? Been trying under control panel but it wont work. Is there a way to contact an Admin on here? THANKS AGAIN :smile:
  14. Just adding my 2 cents....I am in Maryland and live 30 minutes from the Saks 'return' center. It does exist, the selection is hit or miss. They do mark all items permanently. The stuff they sell generally are items that they would not send to the Off5th stores. Meaning, there may be a flaw of some sort with the item.
  15. How much are the discounts normally at the return center?