Urgent! Ruined my exotic shoes with Meltonian spray!

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    I've read the topic about protecting exotic Louboutin with Meltonnian spray and decided to treat my shoes. All other suede, leather and exotic( Rocia Python, watersnake...) are fine after treatment but my Silver Ayer python Lady peep is showing many small spots and no more shiny! Omg! I thought I have ruined my beautiful brand new shoes! tried to clean the shoes but all tiny spots are still there on the whole shoes surface. Waited 1h then tried to clean again but no result! What can I do now ladies? I am so stressful. It is the pair I love most and haven't worn!

    The back is still shinning because I haven't treated it yet.


    But the surface is showing small spots and no more shiny!

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1366447282.054653.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1366447299.287694.jpg

    Here is what I used to treat the shoes ...

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    I just checked again my other shoes. The Crystal Craie white python Lady peep also has problem. It was very shiny( almost like patent leather) but after two coats of spray, It is less shiny now. Luckily there is no spots showing like my silver Ayer python. But it is not as beautiful as before. Thought I did a big mistake this time! Almost cry...both pairs are brand new and are my UHG 😭😡
  3. I would never spray ANYTHING on exotic skin :ghasp:

    But that's just me, and I know nothing about protecting leather. I hope someone has a solution or suggestion. Sorry Op :sad:
  4. I am so sorry this happened to your brand new shoes :sad:
    I don't know of any remedy but I am thinking a really good cobbler would be able to help. Better still, the official CL cobbler MM7. Even if you don't send the actual shoes out, I'm thinkg it's at least worth trying an email or phone-call to explain the problem and see if they can help.
    Good luck girl!
  5. Hi Mi_Lan! I noticed this same problem with my meltonian too but I believe this white spotty thing is actually the "formula" (I don't know if it is the silicon or what) that is protecting the leather from water, I noticed that when I sprayed them onto my Tod's and it gives that speckled white spot thing on the gold hardware. Totally unnoticeable on the suede though. I also used them on my WS nude, which also did took the shine away, and the leather start looking powdery of somesort.(Correct me if i am wrong)

    But I took a clean cloth and start polishing the hardware (i didn't dare to do it on my WS because I might ruin the skin, if you must, polish along the scale, not against) for awhile and it is shiny again!
    It did need a bit of a polish because the formula sticks onto the surface very strongly once it is sprayed. I don't know if you can polish them off from WS, but do try CAREFULLY. I don't guarantee anything and I won't hold responsibility if anything goes wrong when you are polishing. But I did happen to encounter this problem and polishing/wiping them off with clean cloth did help me, so i share :smile:

    Good luck!
  6. Oh I'm so sorry this happened to you! :sad: I think the problem is that the spray took the metallic coating off of the skin. I have a pair of Burberry metallic copper leather shoes which long story short the SA stuck a foot pad into my shoe that I did not want but the adhesive was so strong I couldn't remove it. I thought a little leather care and what not couldn't hurt, so I tried it with the same results you had. The metallic dye or coating wiped off and only left the bare leather underneath. I would suggest finding someone who can reapply a metallic to the skin. Metallics can be tricky though. I know the CL approved shoe/leather repair here in NY doesn't have the ability to fix true shiny metallics.
  7. OORIN could be right here, try wiping/polishing the spots with a soft and clean cloth.
    Maybe you are lucky and these are just like waterstains and can be removed again, hopefully.
    Hard work but worth your UHGs` ;)
  8. I'm so sorry mi_lan! I hope oorin's advice will help get your shoes beautiful again

  9. Thank you Oorin and Dark Ennui. I am sorry this happened to your Burbery shoes Dark Ennui. I have tried to clean with a little polish as Oorin said but there was no results.....even I hurtled some parts of the skin as this Ayer python layer is very thin and so easy to get hurt if I clean it strong..So I may give up for while, just leave the shoes here and wait...
  10. I am so sorry to hear it didn't work for your python, Mi_Lan. I did have to give a bit rub on the hardware (imagine fragile skin like python) to get rid of it.. Will the gold be able to be wiped with conditioner? I am jot sure if it is recommended but it might and might not help. I would be devastated if i were you. I hope there is a way to clean them. Or maybe last resort is leather spa?
  11. Oh no. :sad: I would definitely take it to the shoe repair or a leather repair place and see what they suggest before attempting to do anything more to it. Maybe email customer service and see if they can suggest anything? I really do hope you can get it fixed or blended so you can enjoy your lovely shoes. I'd also keep my eyes open for any silver metallic leather dye or pigment powders or silver foil that might work if someone knows how to apply it properly to snake.
  12. Another thing you could try is to use 70% rubbing alcohol. Alcohol is a great solvent and can remove practically anything, specifically from shiny surfaces that are not porous. I would try on one spot and see how it works. You don't need to press strongly. If that Meltonian has any adhesive in it - the alcohol will take it away. Alcohol also evaporates quickly so it should not be a problem.
    Of course there is no guarantee that this will work, but this is what I would do. Good luck!
  13. Alcohol was one of the things I tried on the metallic shoe that wiped away the metallic paint completely and left the bare patch.
  14. Thank you for caution. I also remember I ve ruined something with Alcohol in the past I I don't dare to try this time. I've called the boutique but they said nothing they can do with my Louboutin since I left store...was a it angry. I will bring the shoes to Paris next month to try if there is any luck.

    Again thank for your comments on this thread ladies. I ve learn my lesson and hope you will be careful before deciding to treat your exotic skin too.
  15. I don't treat my exotics. Try the leather spa. Maybe they can fix them