urgent response, should i take the 2.55 black reissue 227 w/ gh?

  1. just got a call from my SA that she got one available and i need to decide NOW.

    i am having headache trying to make up my mind and i need fellow tpf help.

    i have black med classic flap w/ sh, black gst w/ gh and i am getting purple reissue as well as the red one. i always want a black large reissue w/ gh but now that i spent so much already and i am not sure if i should take it.

    shall i just wait another yr to see if matte black reissue like the 07 one will be reintroduced? or should i just take the metallic one?
  2. I would just wait since you have 2 black already and are hoping for purple and red. There, settled.;)
  3. If this is a bag you've always wanted, I'd get it. Honestly, I have had too many experiences where I've not done it and regreted it later (case in point: red jumbo flap.) Buy it and make up your mind once it arrives. I wouldn't want to risk not getting it again.
  4. If it's really the matte black that you want and not the metallic, I would just hold out. The two are so different! Plus it sounds like you have quite a few Chanels to keep you occupied in the meantime... ;)
  5. Don't take the metallic unless you really, really love it.

    There's something so special about the metallic reissue, but if you won't use it enough, it's not worth it.
  6. I say wait for the matte one to come out.
  7. ITA:yes:
  8. Wait for matte Im waiting...in the meantime the red is TDFFFFFFFFFFF!
  9. waaaaaaaait the matte
    it's worth it :drool: