Urgent request. Gift for Grandma!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and am looking for the perfect LV gift for my husband's 89 year-old grandma.

    She's wanted a LV all her life! On her every bday, she would kiddingly say that she wants a LV purse but no one has ever given her one. She hardly goes out and when she does, it's with her driver and her nurse-companion.

    My budget is tight but this gentle and sweet lady surely deserves a brand new and original one.

    Any suggestions? Please remember my budget.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hello, you could buy her a monogram canvas pochette. It's a small pouch and only 265 $. You check all lv bags and prices at. www.eluxury.com.
  3. Thanks, I was thinking of something for $1000. Any more suggestions?
  4. You have alot to choose from for $1000, you should realy visit eluxury so you could see what fits her style the best because you know her. Maybe a noe would be good
  5. Maybe the Batignolles Horizontal $775


    The Cabas Mezzo $940
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