Urgent Reply please!!Can we Trust our SA??

  1. Hi, in 30 minutes time,i'll be passing some cash to my SA. He offered me TIKAL GM n BOulogne mini lin since LV is giving out 40% sale to their staff only. Actually there are some deffects to the bag, but the defect is not obvious n can be repaired. i always bought my Lvs from this particular SA, but today, i have to give him so many cash..ermm suddenly i'm afraid that he will cheat on me?
  2. Hmmmm...good luck!
  3. Wait, are you paying him to give the bag at a cheaper price?
  4. I am not sure I understand what u r saying. Is the SA offering to give you his discount if you pay cash?
  5. I don't understand are you saying that your SA is passing his/her own personal discount on to you which is 40% off?.
  6. Haha!! is this a double post???
    Thinking alike tonight:yes:
  7. Did your SA purchase them and is selling them to you now???
  8. I dont think its HIS discount. I think its that time where certain bags (perhaps ones with defects and wont or dont sell are offered to employees at a cost other than their discount i.e. 40%, I believe their reg. disc. is 30%
  9. Good luck!
  10. yes i have to give him cash for him to buy the bag, according to him, the bags are in his manager's room and payment must be made first. he even told me not to disclose this matter coz if not he will be sack. the price is given only to the staff, n not suppose to sell... but of course they would sell the bag..
  11. If you've used him for a long time, you're business with him in the long run is probably worth more to him than money he'd be stealing.
  12. I have been offered this situation before. I had to give them $ first and then I get it through their special price. They need the $ first only because the system checks and makes sure the purchase was MADE by them with THEIR cash or THEIR credit card. Its very UP TO DATE! I declined because it was rather risky. Not any of MY SA'S but a friend through a different LV other than here in MI. If it would have been nice, I could have gotten a White MC keepall for $700.00
  13. My friend ever worked in LV ,London and I got some shoes from her for 60 pounds each. Anyway, every shoes got a marker marked.
  14. WOW. You passed on that, Matt? Good for you! : )
  15. Yikes I would be nervous. Good luck.