Urgent Quick vote!


Help me pick my first MM Bow satchel

  1. Nudo (Nude Pink)

  2. Alluminio (Light Grey)

  3. Black

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  1. Quick vote needed:

    I'm going to get a medium (small?) Miu Miu bow satchel today, I will mainly wear it for work (i have tons of grey suits, black suits and navy suits), I also wear dark jeans on the weekend with it.

    Should i go with Nude pink, black or allumino? Smoked grey would be my number 1 choice but it's obviously sold out!!!

    Help me decide!!!
  2. Definitely allumino! May I ask where you're getting it from?
  3. I really don't know the allumino color well enough to know if it will work with navy -- black is your safest bet.
  4. If you are wearing dark colors mostly, I would stay away from any of the lighter colored bags. I have found that the lighter colors are more prone to color transfer from your clothing (especially jeans!). I know it may sound drab, but I would strongly suggest the black if you want to use this as an everyday or work bag. My black Coffer has no signs of wear whatsoever and I use it as my everyday/work bag. I love my black coffer!! :love:
  5. I got mine from Saks, but I think u can get it at NM online too!
  6. thanks!
  7. My black one is 3 months old and has no sign of wear.Black is always right for everyday/work.
  8. I like this bag in black.
  9. I have a thing for grey bags lately so I voted for the light grey!
  10. I vote for the light grey. It is such a unique and beautiful color.
  11. I think you've converted me!!! :smile: