Urgent Question: this a Maddy or Mahala?

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  1. Mahala
  2. Promise?

    I have been wanting the Mahala in the Goldtone. The SA told me the Mahala "only" came in Gunmetal for the Calf and Suede.. I feel mislead..:sad:
    I also checked the dimensions of this product at Saks versus the size of the Mahala in the JC website. The one on Saks seemed bigger? :shrugs: Same price though..I'm confused.. So the Mahala was in Gold.. When did that come out? The Gunmetal might be newer?
  3. The gunmetal and black was for A/W 2007. I got the Malena style then, in that color combination.
  4. Hmm.. Malena it is I see... So what do you think? Should I take that Mahala at Saks? :confused1: I could have both. Preserve one and the other one for actual use!!:graucho:
  5. Jburgh - so was the one at Saks a Mahala or Malena?
    (just for my peace of mind..) :shame:
  6. The bag you linked to is a Mahala. If you look at the saks listings, they show a Malena which is a little more doctor bag like.
  7. Thanks Bella.

    Now I get the Gold or Gunmetal. I'm Confused.. I like them both. :confused1:

    Oh another thing, what do you ladies use to clean JC's Calfskin? I'm very cautious with leather cleaners.
  8. I prefer gold hardware with the black.
  9. I did decide on the Gold! It should get to me this Friday!! :yahoo::nuts:
  10. Way to go!! :choochoo:
    Post some pics when you get it :biggrin:
  11. Will do! :happydance: