urgent question on the metallic black reissue

  1. I just got a call from a SA telling me they just got one metallic black reissue w/gold chain in, which is what i want, but he's not sure of the size, since they don't go by 225,226,227 as we do here, but the price for that particular bag is $2575 (or $2595, i don't quite remember), the style # is 37561, and he said they will be getting a bigger size soon with the price at $2775 (or $2795?) and style # 37562.
    From what i learned from this forum, the style # for the 226 is 37587 and the price should be $2695, am I right? the SA told me they have nothing in that price, so i'm very confused right now, is that really the reissue but NM just go with a different style # and price or is that something else but just look similiar? or can someone who has already bought the 08 metallic black reissue with gold chain from NM kindly provide me the style # and price? TIA!
  2. That IS odd, since what you said about the style # and price is correct. Maybe gold hardware ones have different #s? Still, I find it very interesting they would be priced differently too!
  3. i'm thinking maybe that's not even reissue, but the SA did say it's metallic black, i haven't seen any other new bags coming with metallic black yet. confused...:confused1:
  4. the black met with g-h should be A 37591 Y 04844 (94305=black)
    although the lookbook refers to it as crackled not met ??
    on the other hand the style # A 37560 and A 37563 are of the drill bag but |I did'nt find any bag with serial # 37561 0r 37562 either !
    it could either be a mistake :6 instead of 9 in the serial no. they gave you or a new bag
    the fer who got the blk met with g/h is envazine :http://forum.purseblog.com/chanel/reissue-matalic-black-w-h-gold-hardware-227396.html
  5. ^^must add that the 37591 is for the 36cm or 228 reissue this is making things more confusing I guess!:confused1:
  6. 37590 is size 227.