Urgent question. If you've had a C-section please help..

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  1. Hi. You may recall my post about 6 months ago expressing my joy in regards to my younger sister having her baby girl. The baby was born by emergency c-section after several hours of unproductive labor. It is now 6 weeks after the birth and my sister is having a terrible time with bleeding. She bled normally for the first couple of weeks after the birth, then it slowed down (but never truly went away completely, and now she's bleeding again. The bleeding is quite heavy at times, especially when she is more active - like walking up and down the stairs. Sorry if this next part is TMI, but I think it is another important part of what's going on here. She's also started to pass what appears to be large clots and chunks of tissue. My question is for those of you who have had c-sections, how long did you bleed afterwards? Is it normal to bleed this long? She has her 6 week check-up this week, but here's another interesting dilemma. She recently found out that the doctor who did her c-section, suddenly resigned. Now she's left wondering if he left for some sort of incompetency and is it possible if he could have messed up her c-section? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  2. I think she should see a doctor as soon as possible. A friend of mines had an emergency Cesarean section and she also had bleeding that appeared to get worse weeks after the surgery. It turns out that she had an infection in her uterus. Her temp spiked and she got very ill. Not trying to scare you, it may be nothing because we all heal differently, but she should not wait to get a professional checkup.
  3. I bled for 6 weeks ... the first few weeks were strong then became milder, then stronger again, then milder and milder. But before it fully stopped and immediately after my 6-week check up, I had my period. At first I was afraid that it was bleeding from the operation so I called my doctor, but it was just my period lol!

    Hope all is well with your sister and she should call her doctor.
  4. One of our other concerns is that she had the baby in a small-town hospital that is known for medical mistakes. She's hoping to get some answers when she goes in for her appointment this week, but she's afraid that they may not be forthcoming with any information in regards to whether or not her doctor did an appropriate job on her c-section.
  5. Yes, it crossed her mind that maybe she'd gotten her period, but she was unsure. She said that the bleeding that she's experiencing is not like her usual menstrual bleeding. It is bright red and fairly heavy at times. She can barely even get through a load of laundry (carrying a laundry basket full of clothes up and down a flight of stairs) without experiencing bleeding.
  6. ^ Ooh! I'd be really concerned then. I hope she can get an appointment with a doctor asap.
  7. I had an emergency C and was NOT allowed to drive, go up and down stairs (I only did so once or twice a day, with help), carry ANYTHING heavier than my 6 lb DS, and so on. I did notice if I pushed that, I got cramps and heavier bleeding, for a while.

    I bled for 6 weeks too, but less, and less. And I had additional surgeries at the same time as my C section! If she is passing "chunks" of tissue, and her doc office will not take her today or tomorrow on an emergency basis, she needs to go to the ER. Its a hassle, but ALWAYS better safe than sorry.
  8. I bled for somewhere between 6 and 8 weeks with my c-section, and I also had some very flow (and clots) even several weeks after. I would imagine that it's probably perfectly normal, BUT, it's always good to get checked out if she's worried.
  9. Thanks Christy. That's kind of reassuring to know that others have experienced something similar - not that my sister still shouldn't have it checked out. I think that it's jut really hard for her because she wants to start some light exercise to loose some of the baby weight, but she's unable to do anything to strenuous for fear of bleeding. She's also dealing with some postpartum depression issues - nothing major but still feeling a bit blue. I wish that I lived closer to her (I'm in NC & she's in WI) so that I could help her. I should go for a visit, but I have two young kids of my own and it's so difficult to get away. Flying into the midwest at this time of year can be pretty sketchy due to the weather.
  10. No problem! I remember that I was kinda freaked out too, but my midwife told me that the bleeding after a c-section can last longer, be heavier and less predictable than with a vaginal delivery. And of course, if I tried to do anything other than just lay around, it would get worse! So irritating!!
  11. I bled quite heavily for 6 weeks+. One time it sort of slowed down and stopped, and then started again with big clots. I went to see my ob/gyn who told me to lie down and gave me a shot ...oxytocin, I think. It stopped bleeding badly after that. Your sister should go to her doctor, or failing that go to ER. And she is NOT supposed to be carrying heavy stuff.
  12. My OB said that I might bleed for 6-8 weeks after my C-section. I "only" bled for about 4. I think I was able to use just a mini-pad for weeks 4 and 5, but was surprised a couple of times with a clot even then. I probably wouldn't be concerned if her bleeding is just inconvenient. If it's bothering her, making her light headed, or she feels off somehow, then I'd call the doctor.
  13. I only bled for a couple of weeks, but I had two friends that bled fairly heavily for months. One basically bled non-stop for three months straight.

    It does sound like your sis is maybe rushing her activity level a little bit, though. If it's possible for her to take it easy a bit, that's a good idea. As with fishfood, I definitely found that more activity = more cramps for me.

    I agree she should go to the doctor and get checked out. I don't think they'll tell her why the doctor left or if there's anything she should be worried about with her surgery, but they can tell her if there's anything going on right now. I'm kind of wondering if she's in my hometown back in WI from the hospital description...
  14. Thanks. I will definitely pass all this info on to my sis. I was not aware that you couldn't do much for the first 6 weeks, so probably even doing laundry is too much for her at this point considering the dirty clothes are upstairs and the washer/dryer is in the basement, which equals 2 sets of stairs while carrying laundry baskets...
    So you are from a small town in WI, but now in CA? I made the move from WI to NC and have been loving it!
  15. I am from Janesville, south of Madison, originally. I left to study abroad senior year of HS, though, and really haven't been back much since. Bounced back and forth between E. and W. Coasts a few times. I love the Bay Area now. I don't think I could ever move back to that extreme weather!