URGENT Question for craie paddy owners!!

  1. Hi ALL! i will greatly appreciate your help. i was just wondering for the colour craie, what is the serial number? i always thought it was 03-05-53. BUT somehow it seems like there are two different shades of cream/white in that season itself, because the one i am considering to buy does not have pink undertones, though the serial number is 03-05-53! so can anyone tell me are there two different shades of craie in that season? or does craie not have faint pink undertones? from audrey's pictures, it doesnt seem like theres pink in it. but from sonja's pictures i do see a little pink undertone? hope u guys know what i mean:confused1:
  2. I thought sable was the one with the pink undertones? I find that craie has more of a yellowish undertone.

    To answer your question about serial numbers, Chloe is generally very undependable with their date code/serial number consistency. Some of serial numbers and some have date stamps. I know that winona and Audrey have craie paddingtons so hopefully they can answer your question.
  3. Hey lordguinny! thanks for your reply. well i know sable has a clear pink undertone, whereas i always thought craie had a really faint pink undertone, especially after seeing sonja's pictures of her craie loaf. yeah and i dont think chloe would make two shades of cream in one season itself. so im quite confused now.
  4. Craie does have a slight pink undertone, but not as much as sable.
    In 2005, there are a shade called vanilla which does not have pink undertone and blanc doesn't have pink undertone as well. However, the cream shades that was produced in 2005 are vanilla, craie & sable. I think the one you are looking for is vanilla.
  5. hey dollygirl! yeah but i always thought vanilla was a season that had serial tags 02-05-53 as it was the earlier batch. so im assuming those 03-05-53 ones should be craie? but yeah i may be wrong since i dont see pink undertones at all. thanks for your input!:smile:
  6. I'm not sure about the serial number, but I know the serial number for 03-05-53 is craie. By the way, craie does have a bit of pink undertone... but due to different lighting, maybe thats why you couldn't see it.
  7. My craie loaf also has same serial code, 03-05-53 :yes:

    I'm agreeing with Dollygirl, raie is kinda chameleontic colour - in some lightnings it looks just creamy and in some lightnings the slight peachy pink undertone pops - but the sable definitely has stronger pink undertone than craie. I have also noticed the colour looks different depending on what I'm wearing, it looks like very pale pink when I'm wearing cooler tones like grey, blue etc. Hmmm now that she's sitting on a white table in front of me she seems to look pinkish again :upsidedown: