Urgent question about Chloe Paddington

  1. Hello! I would like to buy my first Chloe Paddington but I'm doubtuful about this: I tried a bowler and an east west, and both of them are too short to be taken on the shoulder if I'm wearing a coat. The medium Paddington has the same handle drop?
    thanks a lot
  2. The drop is 8". I would not be able to put it on my shoulder or on my shoulder over a coat. I am a little bigfger though. Alot of people could hanle 8" WITHOUT a coat on only.
  3. Thanks a lot. I think I must choose another Chloe...
    I love bags taken by hand, but they are not so usable sometimes...
  4. My new double front pocket Edith fits nicely on my shoulder as well as my large framed Maggie.
  5. The best paddington to be shoulder carried is the pocket paddington. (it comes in a medium and large size... the large is really big, the medium is slightly bigger than a regular paddy satchel.)

    I've owned just about every paddy style at one time or another and this one is the best for shoulder carrying imo. Let me know if you need a link to show you an example of which style I mean.:heart:
  6. ^^I'd like to see a picture. Thanks!
  7. This is the pocket paddington style I am referring to. This is a link to an eBay auction. (I didn't check the details of the bag so I can't swear to its authenticity, rather this is to show the style.)


    There's another link somewhere in a different thread to an aubergine front pocket paddy that's the same style, and some gals were talking about how nice that one was. This style is a little difficult to find anywhere other than eBay because it's an older style. I don't know if they did it in 2007...:confused1:
  8. OMG! I just got one of those in Mousse!! I'm so excited. Does the medium fit on your shoulder with a coat or just the large? Thanks for the picture. I'm afraid of insulting anyone here, so if that's your auction...please don't be offended but I chuckled when I saw that hanging from the pot holder.:smile: In the little picture I could not figure out what was behind the bag! (when scrolling through the Chloe listings).
  9. Oooh, congrats! The pocket paddy is one of my favorite styles, and I would argue it's the most practical as well.

    I'm pretty sure you can wear it on your shoulder with a coat on; the strap drop is quite generous.
  10. Thanks KMSNYC!
    does someone have some suggestions on where to find a large front pocket? I don't trust eBay so much...
  11. There are a few other Paddy styles besides the pocket Paddy – there are at least 4 other Paddy hobo styles that can be carried on the shoulder, but 3, if not all 4 are discontinued – I have 3 of these styles and use them when I want a casual, hands-free look.