URGENT query

  1. Hi,

    Has anyone seen this bag, pale beige new chain jumbo caviar flap anywhere in the US - preferably NYC?

  2. i have that bag in white at the Nordstrom topanga chanel store, i havent seen the lt beige but i can check for you on friday and get back to you soon. =) i'll pm you on fri night
  3. so far, I'ven seen it in lambskin with the new chain (2 months ago )someone from this forum bght it
    I'm also looking for a light beige (cream) caviar in jumbo...not in sight..this is a seasonal colour....probably got to wait for next yr btw march-april...for this colour??? will be on the lookout..

    I believe Luccibag bght this bag (don't know when)..couldn't get the style code too...(if only I can lay my hands on this info, would be easier for me)
  4. the beige is not available this season but the light light ivory color is available w/ the new chain.

    I know it is not available in new york becasue I've called and they are slim on the jumbo classics, they only have the new darker colors that are coming in