Urgent! Private member with fraudulent emails..can they hurt my feedback?

  1. Someone sniped in at the last minute last night and won the bag I was selling. I immediately was uncomfortable because I saw that the member had joined the same day and marked their feedback as private (not that they had any). I wanted to cancel the bid and give it to the next highest bidder, but hadn't mentioned in my listing that I would cancel that sort of bidder..so I gave them a chance to explain themselves. I also spoke to someone from eBay and they told me because there is no evidence of foul play they suggested I continue with the transaction, if I have any further problems I can contact them again.

    So today I get these emails in poor english of them asking me to ship to Nigeria and I got 2 fake emails from paypal telling me that they've paid but are holding funds until I give proof that I've shipped it. Also I should contact the paypal representitive assigned to the case who's email is fake as well. I am 100000% sure this is a fraud, but since I've started the transaction, I'm worried that they will leave me negative feedback. I'm at 100% now and I dont have too many transactions so 1 negative will really hurt me. I also need to relist 2 of my guccis because the listings were cancelled because of fraudulent activity. Who would buy those if I get a 80% feedback:sad:. I'm so stressed out with all this mess. Sorry about making this so long, I would appreciate ANY help or suggestions. **I also cant contact Live help right now which is why I'm asking anyone on here**

    I mainly want to know if I send a 2nd chance offer to someone, can the original winner (the fraud) give me negative feedback?
  2. The Nigerian Scammer, I don't believe, is going to file a neg FB. Do you ship internationally? I only ship to Canada & US.
  3. Yes I do=( I don't usually sell much stuff and am cautious, this time I just went with what eBay Help suggested and now I'm in trouble. What makes you say you dont think a Nigerian scammer would leave neg feedback? It makes me feel better but still :sad::cursing:
  4. Hmmmm... I don't know if they can leave negative feedback or not. But in this instance, I would much rather have the negative feedback and stay away from the buyer.
  5. :crybaby:So do you think I should try to mutual cancel the transaction with the scammer or just go ahead and send the second chance offer to the other bidder? I really appreciate the quick responses and help.
  6. First of all, report the seller to eBay. Then, do a mutual withdrawal and mark *buyer request to ship to a country that I do not ship* - I think that's one of the option. You may not receive your FVFs back but that's better than losing the bag! Also, the the buyer becomes NARU later, they can't leave you a feedback.

    And for the SCO, yes, you may go ahead and send it to the nest highest bidder.
  7. Definitely give it to the next bidder, it's not worth performing a fraudulent transaction. As pink correctly said, just report the buyer and withdraw from the transaction.
  8. Report it to Ebay. Then they might take him off before he can leave FB or wehen he does they will revoke it. This has happened to me - crazy seller left neg then Ebay banned her and canclled all the FB she left within the last 3 weeks.
  9. I agree w/ the others.

    Report IMMIEDIATELY to eBay. They are very aware of these types of scams.