URGENT!! Prices in Paris

  1. Hey Ladies,
    Hoping you can help me out here. My friend texted me last night, shes in Paris.. so i want her to bring me back a couple of things from LV :graucho: (even though im on a ban, its too good an opportunity to pass up)...
    I asked her to go back to LV for me and pick some things up, so im just waiting for her to reply. Basically im after these 2 items:

    Vernis Framboise Cles (or Rouge if she can still get it)
    Suhali Agenda PM in either Plume (if still avail) or Geranium

    My first question is.. are Plume and Geranium still available in the Suhali ? and second.. i took a look at the prices on the vuitton.com E-shopping site. Are those prices the same as the ones in store in Paris ? Because the agenda is $AUD140 cheaper than Australia :wtf: :wtf: :cursing: Plus she'll get the 10% tax back when she gets to Australia for Duty Free...

    Hope you can all help me so i can start texting her with my want list :love:
  2. Check the prices out on the french Vuitton shopping site;) I think those items will be much cheaper than here as prices here are quite high compared to the rest of the LV world:confused1: