Urgent!plz help my 07 magenta bag!!!

  1. i just got my lovely 07 magenta cIty bag:yes:~ but it's not as perfect as i thought it would be... it's kinda dry and matt looking, i also have the 2005 magenta work, i have to be to honest that...the 2005 leather is much better and softer though...:confused1:
    so, in order to let my newcomer magenta 07 look less dry and shiny, i applied leather conditioner on it,,, then few seconds later ,THE COLOR FADED!!!! OMG!!! i did the same thing on my other BBags but it worked perfectly! i don't know why it doesn't work on my new 07BBag~~~
    I've seen some people saying that they took their bags to "LMB" for repair.. WHAT IS "LMB"? ? OR WHERE IS IT ?? PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME OUT !!:search:
  2. hi - sorry to hear about your bag.

    LMB = Lovin' My Bags. http://www.lovinmybags.com/ Many PFers have been pleased with their restoration services.

    Good luck!
  3. thank you soooooooo much!!!!
    i am new here and i am so glad people are so nice and helpful!!:dothewave::dothewave:
  4. So is the colour still faded or has it gone back to normal?

    This is why I'm terrified to use anything on my bags

    Good luck!!
  5. yes the color is faded~~~~ :crybaby:
    i am gonna contact LMB tomorrow~~~
  6. Holy ****

    I'm really sorry to hear that
  7. there is something off with these new Magenta bags... not only the color saturation isn't the same but the quality seems to be different...
  8. Im so sad to hear that.. i hope barbara can help you. She's really helpful.
  9. yea its like every different magentas 07 have a slightly different shade of colour. do you have pictures of the faded bag honey?
  10. OMG! I'm sooooo sorry to hear that happened! I sure hope it can be fixed?! my heart almost stopped when I heard it faded!
  11. moving to care & feeding...
  12. Can you post pics please? Perhaps a comparison pic with your 05 magenta too? What kind of leather conditioner did you use? This sounds awful!
  13. Which brand of leather conditioner did you apply? I wouldn't apply ANYTHING other than Apple Conditioner.
  14. :sad:
    Wow I am so sorry to hear this has happened. Yes, please share photos and tell us what you used on it. I use Cetaphil Cream and/or Glysomed Hand Cream when I have a bag that is really dry only. I have the LMB products but the odor is just too strong for me. Not a bad smell, but really strong and perfumey, and the smell just doesn't seem to go away, and I love the smell of Bal leather. Now when I first apply a moisturizer the shine of the leather dulls, but after a couple of days it returns. I do have to say if you think you might sell this bag in the future, you need to really think about restoring it, because the value of the bag can go way down if the whole bag is re-colored. Please share photos, and let us know what you used.