Urgent! Pls help with bad quality strap!

  1. Ladies, I urgently need your help! I am very very frustrated and sad now!

    I bought this blue B bag end of June. I took it out ready for using this week and JUST FOUND the edge of the strap is with really sh*tty quality! The edge of both strap end look like not being finished(uneven edge looks like dog biting), one side of the edge even starts cracking (pls see attached photos). I am very frustrated and sad now! Is it the quality that 1500 dollars purse suppose to have? :tdown:

    I will go back to Holt Renfrew(Canada) where I bought it this afternoon to figure out solutions.

    My concern is:

    1). This unfinished,cracking,uneven, dog-bite like strap edge problem is common in your B bags, or it rarely happened. I'm just that unlucky one?

    2). How should I argue with the shop? Holt Renfrew's refund and return policy is within 28 days. :sad:I guess I can not get refund in Holt. But Holt should take the responsibility to send the strap somewhere (Paris?) to repair?

    Now I feel really sad and disappointed. I never expect 1500 dollars purse's quality is like that!:sad:
    DSC05298.jpg DSC05320.jpg DSC05319.jpg DSC05304.jpg DSC05306.jpg
  2. I would just take it back.

    And I know youre upset, but you should really watch your wording in your posts. You could have used another word to replace sh*tty.

    good luck.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I already replaced it. Thanks!
  4. Yes, Holt's will probably send it to Balenciaga for repair, at no charge to you.