URGENT!!! please HELP ME!!!!!!!

  1. Greetings to EvERYONE At this Purse FOrum!!!

    SOmething terrible has happen to me and i hope you all can help!!!

    ok hear me out.... i brought a Juicy Couture Terry "Morea" Tote
    at bloomingdale's 2 months ago and today i lost the big logo button that was on the bag!!!! A bag without the "some like it juicy" logo looks awful....

    here it is a link of the bag i'm talking about


    I was wondering if anyone know where i can purchase or order the button itself????

  2. I dont know where you can get the button from, but, have you tried e-mailing bloomingdales or getting in contact with someone thru the juicy couture website? they might replace it/know where you can get another one :smile:
  3. I would email Juicy and also call the Las Vegas Juicy store. Their number is (702) 365-5600. See if they can give you any corporate/customer service contact information, even if you have to mail a letter...

    Here's the LA email address: contactLA@juicycouture.com