URGENT Pearl Necklace Advice Needed!

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I've been coveting a classic Chanel CC pearl necklace for a while but haven't bought one before. My lovely SA has found two beautiful pearl necklaces for me and I'm having a very hard time deciding-the deadline is tomorrow morning. One is the classic CC Bubble Pearl which I absolutely love. It's around $1350. The other is the new quilted CC-also very pretty but a little more "flashy". It's $2000. Here are photos-please help me decide!

    Thank you!

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  2. Bubble Pearl

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  3. both are gorgeous. if u don't find a significant difference between the two to you, in terms of the overall look, might as well buy the cheaper one and save money or put the rest of the money towards a bracelet.
  4. I vote the classic bubble, seems more timeless. This is a piece you could wear at any age.
  5. Is one in gold and the other in silver hardware? I love the bubble necklace, but I own that one, so I'm a little biased :smile:. Mine is in muted gold, and it looks even more beautiful in person.
    I like the other necklace too, but I'm not sure for $650 more.
  6. Agree with everyone above. All good points.
  7. I prefer this one! Very classic Coco Chanel pearl like :smile:

    The other one with the giant CC is a bit "flashy" especially if you will have that CC logo on your bag or earrings already..
  8. I have seen other necklaces with lots of small pearls and am nervous about them falling out, but it does seem to be a more timeless style. $1350 seems like a good price for that length.
  9. I vote for the bubble pearl.
  10. They're both gorgeous but I don't know if the more expensive is worth the difference in price. But, it also depends on which you love!
  11. I'm very much into their pearl necklaces too and seriously. . I would love the quilt CC more. . But i may not necessarily get that coz i wudnt wana pay $2000 for a necklace. I may well get the Bubble.. but i hv concerns about the pearls falling out. Would they?
  12. +1
  13. Both necklaces are gorgeous! I have the quilted CC and the CCs are not as big as they look in the picture. I like to layer it with other pieces, Chanel and non-Chanel. However, I love the pearl detail in the CCs of the bubble necklace - so beautiful. Go with the one that really speaks to you - as both pieces are classic and elegant! Good luck deciding!
  14. Bubble pearl all the way!
  15. Bubble...classic Chanel!