Urgent opinions needed Andrei Messenger bag in Grizzli, Taiga leather

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  1. Hi, I was just surfing the LV board for a Xmas gift for my OH :smile:

    I saw the Taiga leather Messenger bag in the colour Grizzli. Id love your opinions on this. How durable is Taiga leather and what colour is Grizzli. Its looks a brown/red on the website, but I cant really tell. I prefer this than the Grey. Im leaving work early (in half an hours time) and am visiting a LV store, so would love your review on this if you have it or if you have purchased it, before I make my mind up.

    thanks so much everyone.
  2. Grizzli is brown :yes:

    the Taiga leather is extremely durable. i bought my ex-boyfriend a Viktor, a wallet and key case all from the Taiga line, and they've held up very well
  3. Thanks so much. Im leaving soon and was hoping Id get one opinion. It looks so nice on the website, hope its available at the store.

    Thanks for verifying the colour for me.:yes: