Urgent opinion neaded: Marc Jacobs Faridah!

  1. Hi, I'm totally new here but I've been reading everyone's posts for the past few months.

    I have never bought any designer bags. Only recently, I started to like the Marc Jacobs collection. I personally like Marc Jacobs Multipocket Hobo but it was so expensive for me. Since I'm still a student (in Germany btw) and my budget is pretty tight, I'm planning to buy one of marc by mj collection with my friend's help from US.

    So here's the problem, I havent saw any of Marc by Marc Jacobs collection in person. I've been browsing through online store like Neiman Marcus, eLuxury etc and really fall in love with their Faridah bag. The thing is, I wasn't sure which one should I get; the denim or the leather one. I also have problem figuring out if the bag suits me (I'm petite, 5'4"). I want a bag that can go with anything, or I can wear anytime; for working, shopping, hanging out etc.

    Please, I really need your opinions. If anyone can post photos of you, carrying the bag, that would be great! Or if you think the faridah bag is not suitable for me, please suggest any of the marc jacobs bag i could get below USD 500. I really need your opinion. Please help! Thank you :smile:.

  2. Hi Ally,
    The bag is okay to me. Have you checked out the Totally Turnlock Hobo? I like that style (it's more classic, imho) or the Marisa? The Marisa also has the signature leather, but I like the shape of the bag a bit more.
    The Marisa:
    Zappos Couture. A collection of the world's finest footwear for men and women.

    The Hobo:
    Zappos Couture. A collection of the world's finest footwear for men and women.

    I would definitely stick to leather - the M by MJ leather is really soft and lovely. :yes:

    Let us know what you pick! :smile:
  3. ^ i agree with dawn. but if you love the faridah, you should get it! i'd choose leather over fabric any day, so that's an easy one for me.

    the 'beth' is a different M by MJ style, but still a hobo with pockets - and you can get one for $150, which is a steal, at shopluckyshops.com - i'd hurry, though! i probably prefer the faridah a bit more over this, but if you're looking for alternatives....
  4. i love the leather one! i've been contemplating whether or not to get this bag as well... it's gorgeous!
  5. i have the first one you posted (the white leather) and i love it. im also 5' 4'' and it is quite large but not overwhelming. the leather is amazing.
  6. I'm not actually a big fan of Faridah but I like the one that Sienna Miller has. I don't even know how much this bag costs, but it would be surprising if it's more than $500. You can get a used MJ with $500.
  7. I love the chocolate brown bag...it is more practical than denim, and definitely more 'dirt-friendly' than the pale coloured one.:yes:

    The handle on the brown bag looks adjustable aswell..?

    If you love it, get it!
  8. The leather one is my fave. But like love,bags said, the leather can be a bit hard so it might be uncomfortable under your shoulders but I've never tried it on.
  9. Thanks a lot for all of your comments. Really helpful but I still got some questions:

    siworae, when you chose the leather, you mean the white one or the brown?

    heartfelt, can you post photo of you wearing the handbag. I really wanna see it. Please!!!!!

    love bag, which leather are you talking about, white or brown? what do u mean by "very hard"? is it the handle or the whole leather of the bag?

    By the way, have anyone seen those 3 bags in person? Tell me what you think coz someone post review in Zappos about the bag being larger than the actual photos. Is it true? And dimension of the bag in Zappos is different than the other website like neiman, eluxury and Shopbop. I'm confuse :sad:

    Thanks guys!
  10. ^ the bags are pretty big, at least on me they were.