Urgent: open toe D'Orsay advice

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  1. Hi. I did a search and couldn't find much info on the D'Orsay styles. I'm thinking of purchasing a pair of open toe (meaning there is about a one-inch thick strap that goes around the toe/top of the foot area) D'Orsays. I've never tried on the D'Orsay style in person, so I need advice on the comfort level. Are they comfortable? Do you have trouble keeping them on your feet? Any other words of advice?
  2. Nothing? Maybe that's a bad sign...
  3. Hi vhdos, I personally slip right out of CL's D'Orsay styles... IMHO, I think the heel piece is too short to truly grasp onto a heel enough to feel 'secure'. A lot of ladies love the Madame Claude (which is a D'Orsay)... perhaps check out the sizing thread?

    I think Manolo Blahnik has a corner on the D'Orsay market....
  4. Thanks for the response Bella. I did check the sizing thread and didn't have much luck there either. Ack! I don't know what to do. It's such a gorgeous shoe, but a bit risky.
  5. Which style?
  6. I know the pasamule wedge (sp?) is an easy d'orsay and if you are able to try them with a footpetals heel grip, maybe?

    Knowing the style might help...
  7. They are cute! The elastic strap will provide some grip in the heel. Also, if you are buying from NM.. you can always return them.
  8. vhdos - i have the joli noeud, gino, triclo and city. in terms of comfort, except for the city, the pitch is more "steep". i feel like i'm wearing the décolleté.

    i don't find that it falls off more, but in terms of sizing, my true CL size (half size up from US size. i'm a 38 in simples) worked best for me. the ones where i went to 38.5 (based on my NP size) are loose and need either a heel pad or insoles to make it work.

    don't know if you checked this thread or not.. good luck!

  9. Thanks phiphi. Yes, I checked out the D'Orsay photo/reference thread, but most of those were closed-toe style D'Orsays (or at least had more toe coverage than the ones I'm considering).
  10. Quite a few TPFers have the passmule which is what you're looking at, so do a search for the name. IMO the open toe means they stay on easier because your foot is jammed in the toe (which has a higher vamp than a closed toe style). HTH
  11. I got them! *crossing fingers* that they fit because they would be perfect for a wedding that I am attending this coming weekend.
  12. Good Luck Vhdos! For Passmules, I found going TTS was better, but for Madame Claudes, 1/2 sz up was better.
  13. ^Oh, good because I went TTS:smile:
  14. I took my VP size in my Passmule wedges. They fit like a glove :smile: