Urgent! need help with these off season Marc Jacobs suede platform pumps

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  1. hi everyone
    this afternoon, i came across these gorgeous MJ pumps in black (which i think are prettier than the ones on the pic, but it's all i could find on google images)
    cn1.kaboodle.com/hi/img/2/0/0/7a/0/AAAAAlDSdmYAAAAAAHoLFQ.jpg?v=1192434894000this is the peep toe version, but the ones i found are round toe.

    They were half off, at about 210 or 220 €, which I think is an awesome deal!

    Now, i have 3 questions for the people who tried/bought them:
    -What season are they from? not that it matters for the purchase, i just like to know that stuff
    -are they comfortable for day to day wear? the size 40 was too big, my foot kept sliding out, but the 39 1/2 were kinda pinching my toes a little. is it likely the shoe will ajust to my feet with wear?
    -does the suede material pose a problem? i live in marrakech, ie a place where rain is rare and happens between december and february, but i had an unpleasant experience with a pair of suede celine loafers (see my collection thread)

    If i decided to get them, i'll go back tomorrow, so any quick help would really be greatly appreciated!
    TIA my friends :smile: :hugs:
  2. Oooops! sorry just realised the images didn't work, let's try this again, shall we?

    so here's the peep toe version, just to give a good image of the black colour [​IMG]

    and here's the real model i'm considering, only it's not the real colour : [​IMG]
  3. Now I can't really help with the actual shoes, but with regards to suade. I believe you can buy some suade protector which serves to waterproof the suade and should make them a little more durable in wet weather and helps to reduce possible staining. You can also get cleaners. I believe that kiwi makes some? I haven't had chance to try it myself yet as I've only just purchased my suade shoes and need to buy something for them. I think you could get away with wearing them in damp weather if you do protect them but I don't think I would risk them when it was chucking it down with rain!

    edit: If you sized down and they're pinching try wearing them around the house with a thick pair of socks on for a few days. This is good when you're watching tv, surfing tpf or other household tasks. They should at least stretch a little, and this will allow your feet to become used to the shoes :smile:
  4. Thanks Chromatopelma :smile: my mom is always telling me to do this wearing around the house trick, but i'm too lazy to do it ^^. But now that i heard it coming from someone else than my mom, i might give it a try :smile: