Urgent!!! Need Help Fast... Help Me

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  1. I won the small Peony Coach tote w/ Magenta patent mini and I have the Magenta patent wristlet. AS you know the small has the Pink and White Peony flower.
    The help needed is.... I can get the Coach Peony small wallet but the flower on it is the Purple one but the Trim and every thing else is the same. WHAT SHOULD I DO??? DO you think the Peony wallet even though it has a different color flower will look good or not? PLEASE help because I have to figure it out FAST.
  2. Here is a photo of both items so this can help you see them together.


  3. It wouldn't bother me. But that's me. Depends on if it would bother you or not. It's cute.
  4. I think it's fine - like two different peony flowers. BUT it depends on what you think...
  5. I think it would look pretty together!!
  6. I agree.. I think they compliment each other nicely and like the colors.. but it is you that has to wear it.. will it bother you? :shrugs:
  7. Thanks, Please keep comments coming. I am crazy over Pink :yahoo:
    I just want to hear from as many as possible... what they think about the wallet and tote together since the flowers are different ???
  8. Personally, I would get an all pink like a pink patent wallet to coordinate with the bag, that way it won't bother you AND it would more compliment than be so matchy. It is cute though ! Enjoy !
  9. i think they look great together. afterall, both the flowers on the tote are not pink so why does the one on the wallet have to be?:shrugs: it's like someone else said, they're just different colored peony flowers but they're still all the same flower and both items have the same trim. and the size of that wallet won't take up too much room in the tote.
    JMHO - hope it helps!:smile::smile:
  10. i think they look good together because it's still the same type of flower.

  11. OMG... YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!! :nuts: You have helped me GREATLY!!! I see the light now... why not have all three GORGEOUS colors instead of two. THANK YOU :tup:

  12. YOU GUYS are RIGHT :yahoo: Thanks so much!!!
  13. So glad we were able to help! Hope you're ordering it before it's gone - I saw another post title that said there was one left!
    Be sure to post picks when you have them both!
  14. UPDATE:
    I just ordered it from COACH in VAGAS and they give me free 2 day shipping :yahoo: I was the one that posted that coach.com has one left and they might still have because they were not counting the one I just got from the store. I will make sure to post photos of my whole set soon as I have them... I CANT WAIT!!!
  15. Congrats on getting the whole set... I love it! Enjoy:woohoo: