*Urgent*Need Help.. Deciding what to get..

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  1. I was never a vernis lover till the launch of the amarante.. and now I am in love the the collection. I got myself a amarante sunset... but know I want to exchange it for something bigger and get the sunset in perle instead.

    Do u think the roxbury is a gd choice or should I keep my sunset:confused1: I am having a hard time deciding.. my shopping buddy is out somewhere shopping for herself and I cant really decied.. Ladies please help me out and tell me what I should do ... I need an answer soon before I go crazy.. :rolleyes:
    Thanks !!
  2. The Roxbury is not a very big bag but extremely stylish...Sunset Blvd looks good in any color.
  3. Roxbury is a good choice then you can exchange the sunset for perle instead. Good luck!
  4. How big of a bag would you like? I have the Summit Drive and it is beautifully roomy for all my daily essentials. I looked at the Sunset Blvd. and as drool-worthy as it was, it was really too small for my needs, even for an evening bag --- at least to me. You can fit more in the Roxbury. If you want a big bag but flatter shape, how about the Brentwood? There are pictures of both in the Club Amarante thread. Good luck!!!

    Anyway you look at it, whatever bag you get in this color is TDF!!!
  5. How about the sumit in amarante and sunset in perle?
  6. Get the Summit in amarante! It's TDF!
  7. I would go with the Roxbury, it's such a great bag.
  8. I am a huge fan of the Rox and if I ddin't already have one in Pomme I woulda got it in Amarante (I think it looks better in Amarante but DH bought me the pom Rox so I can't get rid of it).

    Amarante ROx is TDF!!!
  9. I'd keep the amarante Sunset and get the Amarante Roxbury :graucho: But seriously both bags are gorgeous and I think you'd be happy with either choice in that gorgeous amarante color :drool:

  10. Haaaa.. I wanted to do so too heee.. but I would have more color variaty ... so is an either or..:push:
  11. the Summit in amarante!!!
  12. roxbury!
    then sunset perle!
  13. What about the Summit bag? it's so pretty and is out in Amarante, Perle & Pomme.
  14. definitely love the summit in amarante or why don't you wait for the new style coming out in july (i believe). it's the rosewood/rosemont drive.
  15. perle vernis scares me with yellowing :sad: my marshmallow is yellowing and im :crybaby: