Urgent Need for Advice - Botched Rhino

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm in desperate need for advice in regards to my botched rhino.

    I recently 1.5 months ago had a rhino that involved a gore-tex implant on the bridge and ear cartilage grafting to the tip, as well as alarplasty. I was shocked to see my nose after the cast was removed. The bridge was excessively high, and the tip overly projected.
    I'm not happy about any aspect of it.

    I want to remove the implant and the tip grafting, but I am concerned about the consequences.

    1. For anyone here who has had an implant and cartilage grafting removed, what did you nose look like afterwards?
    2. Did your nose eventually go back to it's original shape or something close to it?
    3. Did you experience scar contracture?
    4. Did it left loose skin on the bridge?
    5. Was your tip okay after removing the cartilage grafts?
    6. Were you left in a worst position than pre-surgery?
    7. What are other complications that can arise?
    8. What is the minimum I have to wait to have it removed safely?

    My nose right now looks horrible. It is completely unnatural looking and does not suit my face at all. I knew I was in trouble when the doc told me he used a 6mm implant. He said he carved it from a 6mm implant and did not really say exactly how big it was after carving. I'm thinking he said that because he sensed I was freaking out. I suspect he may have used the entire 6 mm implant because visually that's what it looks like.

    I just want this stuff out of my nose. I'm totally regretting this decision.

    Please any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I don't know much about rhinoplasty sorry, I am getting one done soon. I hope you are OK though ^^ Have you tried sending other clinics who do revision your pictures? Some are especially famous for revision I think. Get second opinions :smile:

    Which clinic was it if you don't mind me asking
  3. Try asking K Couture for advise about this. She has a thread here that you should definitely read if u haven't already. Please feel better and know you are not alone.
    All the best !
  4. If its goretex, you'll probably want to remove it asap because otherwise your tissues will grow into the goretex and later be much more difficult to remove. Even if you remove all implants, your nose wont look like before cus the Dr probably shaved off some of your bone/tip to accommodate for the new artificial additions. It depends situation to situation but I'm thinking you will probably have to get your implant/tip replaced with a smaller implant and tip. I would say give it another month because you're still probably swollen and it's probably not even wise to get another surgery done while you're still in the earliest stages of swelling but then think about revision at the 3-4 month mark if you really, really hate it stilll.
  5. blahblah1982 I had nose job twice. But you just did your surgery only around 1 month and half..
    You can wait and see more dear. Don't be so stressful. But I'm curious about how your nose looks like now...
  6. maybe give it a few more months and see the final results?

    if u dont mind me asking, which clinic u went to?
  7. Yeah, I'm also curious about the clinic and doctor so that I wouldn't go... Anyway so sorry to hear that....
  8. Oh dear....ive had 2 botch noe jobs before i finally got it fixed and have experienced goretex first hand. So to answer some of your questions,

    1. For anyone here who has had an implant and cartilage grafting removed, what did you nose look like afterwards?
    Answer: Usually after an implant and cartilage is removed, the nose reverts back to its original state albeit some slight difference due to scar tissue formation within the nose

    2. Did your nose eventually go back to it's original shape or something close to it?
    Answer: Unless the implant was a hugely oversized one (ive seen one girl who had a crazy oversized rib implant shoved in her nose) then it should mostly return to its original form albeit scar tissue formation within the nose

    3. Did you experience scar contracture?
    Answer: If your nose as it is now sustained no damage, you do not need to worry about that

    4. Did it left loose skin on the bridge?
    Answer: Again, this only occurs if your tissues were overly stretched due to over projection or an oversized implant. You have to remember tho that this has to occur to a ridiculous degree because the skin has much more elasticity as you may think.

    5. Was your tip okay after removing the cartilage grafts?
    Answer: Pretty much refer to the ans to 1 and 2

    6. Were you left in a worst position than pre-surgery?
    Answer: I was, I had extrusion from my implant

    7. What are other complications that can arise?
    Answer: Like I said if you currently have no issues besides aesthetic defects, you have little to worry regarding medical complications from removal of implant (including cartilage)

    8. What is the minimum I have to wait to have it removed safely?
    Answer: 6 months my dear

  9. Rhinoplasty should be done by a Certified Plastic Surgeon or Otolaryngologist with expertise in rhinoplastry. What type of surgeon was he?
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  10. Hi thanks everyone for the advice.
    Special thanks to KCouture for the detailed answers to my questions. KCouture, when your implants were removed, did you always immediately follow that with a revision? Did you ever go for a period of time with no implants or grafts in your nose? I'm asking because I want to get an idea of how long it takes for the nose to appear "normal" to most people after an implant and cartilage grafts to the tip are removed. How long does the swelling take to dissipate to a presentable level? How long did it take for it to go back to its pre-op shape?
  11. It heals really fast when all foreign objects are removed. Much faster than if you have an implant in. A friend of mine removed an L shape silicone she had done in Bangkok and it pretty much went back to normal albeit some minor differences due to internal scarring. But very minor to the point where it can almost be considered insignificant. And i did not go with no implants. I had the revision done and the implant replaced immediatedly during the surgery. I refuseee to go back to my pug nose lol
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    KCouture, thanks so much. How about for cartilage grafting to the tip? It seems like most surgeons give the 6 months rule for removal mostly in regards to the tip. Can it be removed at 3 or 4 months? I've convinced my surgeon to either do a revision for smaller implant and tip grafts at 3 or 4 months or to remove everything entirely. I simply cannot live with this any longer. Am I making a mistake for revision this early? I want either for all of it to be removed completely or have significantly smaller implant and grafts placed.

    I also had an alarplasty. Obviously I know that cannot be undone, so realistically how will the nose look with all grafts and implants removed but with an alarplasty? I'm thinking that once the bridge and tip are lowered, it will actually cause the alars to flare a little more, which I would actually welcome. My alars are a bit too narrow for my face, but fall in line with the intercanthal distance between my eyes. Even though this is supposedly the "ideal" I feel my face would look more natural with a little width.
  13. ...
  14. Nonononon wait the full 6 months AT LEAST. There is a reason why the consensus amongst surgeons is 6-8 months minimum. Its only 2 months more and certainly passes very quickly. Definitely way because if you do a revision prematurely while you still have a degree of residual swelling to go, it can potentially skew the results from the revision and it will not be the surgeon's fault. Think about it like this. When he opens you up again the tissues will be swollen and he can only assume how much correction to make by predicting your would be tissues minus the swelling.

    As fr how your nose will look....i really cant say my dear cos i dont know what it looks like atm.
  15. I've heard of a guy who had an implant then got it removed in 2 weeks.. Not an expert though. i think I read it here on this forum.