Urgent Need FAST help!!!!!911

  1. Girls help it's urgent!!! my friend is buying a bag for me at woodbury now. which one should I get...:push:

    left or right?

  2. I will go for the left one because I like shoulder bag more as an everyday bag... =)
  3. but the right one is a shoulder bag too cause you can make the strap longer
  4. To make it harder to decide I prefer the right one because I like the flowers to be in the centre of the bag and not on sides
  5. the one on the right
  6. sorry to make it more confusing but i'd say the one on the left
  7. aaaaww ! which one did u get VIV ? !:smile: :confused1:
  8. lol this is very hard!!:noggin: I told my friend to get me the right one cause she said that the one on the lift is pretty small. The right one is about 14 inches long and the small one is about 7 to 8 inches only.
  9. I'll post pictures up later when my friend is back from woodbury..:wlae::woohoo:

  10. goood choice !!! i also like the flowers in the middle better !!! :yahoo:
  11. Did you ever get the bag? Did I miss the post?
  12. I have the tote in the middle and I love it. Did that confuse you even more :smile:
  13. hey girls,
    here is the pic:yahoo: this bag is beautiful!!:heart:
  14. omg ViV its the cutest bag ever ! congrats hun ! :drool: :nuts: :drool:
  15. how much is the tote?