URGENT NEED: Does anyone own or have seen dark silver baby cabas? Do you like it?

  1. Does anyone own or have seen a dark silver baby cabas? Do you like it? My SA just reserve one for me, I have not seen it IRL because I am too far away to get a close look. Can you please help me deciding if I should get it or not? Thanks!!!

  2. i've not seen it either, but i bought it based on the pix provided by chanelboy...i have an idea what the color looks like...good luck. i think it's a very neutral color that will go with lots of stuff. I like it alot, again, based on my imagination and the pix i've seen...i won't be receiving mine till much later on, so i can't provide pix for you.
  3. I've seen it and it's GORGEOUS!! I would say def. get it first then return if you don't like it. I heard that it's hard to find and I don't want you to miss out!;)
  4. I have not seen it IRL but it really depends on your liking.. do u prefer metallics over classic black/white colors? Someone posted a picture of the dark silver baby cabas... perhaps u could use that as a reference?
  5. i've seen it. but it's not my cup of tea :sad:
  6. Eventually, I gave up my offer. But now I am a bit regret, so I might be waiting for it again. takeoutbox, did you get yours now? Do you mind if you can post the pics with it when you received that gorgeous dark silver cabas?


  7. OMG!!! I just bought it and I LOVE IT! :nuts:.. :yahoo:

    The pics really don't capture the beauty of the color IMO. I would say pewter best describes the entire bag. It is a metallic, but it's pretty subtle, a nuetral as another poster said. Also I looooove the hardware and the extra leather that is weaved into the chains.

    I think it's definitely a bag worth seeing in person before making judgement. I'm so glad my SA called me on it since I never gave it much thought. The pics definitely do not do it justice.
  8. Thanks Bellafiore, since I just cannot imagine how a dark silver bag looks like light greyish to me from the photo. After the description, I understand more. But do you mind if you can post a photo of it that represent more of it's color? And did you see dark silver reissue? Do you think they look alike?

    Thanks again!!!

  9. sure, i will post pix when i receive mine, but it will probably be in a month time.
  10. In a month time!!! How can it be???? Do you mean you've purchased it already or you're still on the waiting list? Sorry, I'm very nosy right? Thank you.


  11. i've purchsaed already, but it's sitting at someone else's home in the u.s., i'm waiting for a few more pkgs before everything gets sent to me.
  12. Oh! I see!!! Thanks very much anyway.