Urgent: Need a BIG help from London TPFer please!

  1. Dear all London TPFer,

    i really need ur big help to find out whether ur local boutique got the Stratus PM in stock?!

    im sending out my brother to exchange my bag and he's been sooo mad with me as i keep and changing my mind and asking him to get different bags, so i wont be able to ask him to come in every single boutique to ask as he's only visitor as well..

    So could anyone please let me know if they see any STRATUS PM in their local boutique pretty please?!

    ps: i called the cust service in London from all the way down in Sydney already and they seriously dont tell me about it.. they ask me to come to the boutique. :cursing:

    i would really really appreciate any of ur help, thanks :heart:
  2. sorry i'm not in london but here's a suggestion, call the main number again & ask them to transfer you to the store bond is biggest, the mainline don't know much so if they ask if they can help be persistent and say you need to speak to someone in that boutique.

    good luck
  3. im confused why would main customer services tell you anything? Mmmm i agree with LA, ring main customer services and ask for Bond Street xx hope you have some luck! xx or one of us in the UK could ring them, save your phone bill! xx
  4. I am in London but unfortunately flying out tomorrow very early otherwise I would call around for you-I think Label Addicts advise is very good-maybe one can find the Bond street number online? Other shops are on Sloane Street, within Harrods, within Selfridges. Good luck!
  5. give them a try it shouldnt be too difficult. Sometimes services can be a pain and dont want to help you at all! that annoys me!

  6. Basically because the bag is new or waitlisted they don't give out much info about over the phone imagine mainline tell someone oh yeah bond street have it available, then you go to bond street only to find it waitlisted for another customer pretty disappointing right.

    The mainline don't know the waitlist status of each store that's why it's always best to speak to the store.
  7. They do list different numbers on the website but when you call it each one takes you to the mainline, you can only contact the store by getting them to connect you or by gettting the stores direct number from the store but I don't think they give this out too freely
  8. thanks for all the help Label Addict, nickkyvintage, Londonholly, Luva Pug..

    i'll try my luck and call them again, see what they can do about it.

    i really appreciate any of ur help guys :heart: :heart: