Urgent - mulberry related information from vetenarian

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  1. Jo,

    Only you will do. Have just returned home to find my dog has redecorated my dining room - in a colour certainly not to my choice! I was a little surprised as dogs very hardy and never eat anything other than dried dog food. Daughter then tells me that Dad gave him all the left over Pork yesterday - despite my having told him not good idea! I then gather together my 'equipment' for such event (lots of rubber, vick for nose etc) only to be short of the carpet shampoo - it's then I remember DHs car cleaning session yesterday!:cursing:

    Surely I deserve a bag????
  2. Sorry about spelling - please do not let this sway your decision
  3. OMG!!! Can totally relate! Dear son left mine in the house after they had their Christmas dinner and they literally exploded! I could have just set fire to the house and yes, you deserve a new Mulberry!

    Jack gets nothing but Science Diet, no table food, whatsoever!!!
  4. Forget the vet, will a PR person do?
    Of course you deserve a new bag after the efforts of your sweet but clearly not talented interior designer!
  5. Heh! Any excuse for a new bag, certainly you can have one?
  6. Oh my goodness , is it the little dog in your avatar ? Ah bless , poor little thing must have been desperate (unless he has a habit of accidents? )
    You definitely deserve a bag , I'd say get the little daschund keyring to match too. Maybe not the oak colour will it remind you too much?
    In the absense of carpet shampoo do you have any woolite or gentle clothes washing liquid - big bowl of warm water and a capful will do , Stardrops is also excellent on carpet , failing all of the above hair shampoo (gentle type again or maybe teatree for the smell ) or anti-bac washing up liquid as a very last resort ( this is hard to rinse off and can leave a coating on your carpet ) Apply with a cloth and wipe off with plenty of water.
  7. this definately deserves a bag!!! In fact i think a new bag is the only cure for something as traumatic as this!! Pebble mabel is calling!
  8. Oh dear, sorry your pup had such a bad accident. He must have felt pretty awful.

    Of course you deserve a new bag now!!!!!!
  9. It is not the pefect, beautiful innocent little daxie. It is her big, hairy ,smelly terrier brother that is to blame. Little Miss Perfect would obviously be forgiven immediately! I have managed to resolve the issue and have decided I will consider further action whilst drinking a cup of hot tea and eating a medicinal doughnut!

    I'm not sure just one bag will be enough, my nerves are shot to pieces.

  10. Little Jack, no!! My daughter has the 2 Shelties that exploded! When we moved, our yard was not quite large enough give them room to run.
    Jack only weighs 7 lbs and he has only done that once and it was at my Mom's. He found a little piece of ham and it came right out! Never again!! HAve to make sure NO food drops on the floor!
  11. Who needs an excuse for a new bag?! Lay the guilt on hubby and make him pay for it!!
  12. Ah bless , It's not the dog's fault it Dad's for feeding him the pork - he should be the one to clear it up too but dare say it won't wait till he comes home - the least he can do is buy you a bag.
    Phone him up at work and sound all distraught saying that you're going to have to rush doggie to the vet as he is ill ( casually ask if he has eaten anything unusual ) Once he has admitted what he's done you've got him !
  13. Oh dear!! i think emergency bag buying definately understandable under the circumstances. Remember to save some money for vets fee's just in case!!!!

    (pm me if you need any veterinary advice!!!)
  14. Aww shelties need lots of room don't they - I have a bearded collie who bounces and does back flips if he doesn't get regular good runs ( not walks ! )
    Your Jack is so cute , I love little dogs !
  15. Tried the phoning at work option, sadly he is in a 'meeting', have left urgent message with office manager regarding dogs distressing illness. Imagine Office Manager is surfing mulberry.com as we speak!