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  1. Anyone?
  2. I am not a mulberry expert but this seller has 100% positive feedback, with over 1,000 feedbacks, is NOT selling multiples of the exact same bag

    those are plus -

    If you are here and he is there (Australia) - I'd pay by credit card. Cute bag (it looks very well made from the pictures)
  3. The feedback is great, but you can never be too sure. All signs point to authentic but I just want to double check otherwise I'll be forever questioning the authenticity of the bag
  4. Just bumping again! Sorry for being annoying :smile:
  5. The tan of the leather looks right. That rich golden brown is almost unmistakable..I have also noticed the slight sheen (that's reflecting light off the camera's flash) that's on the back-side of the bag, I have this sheen as well on my 'Romilly' (in the same oak leather) after using it for a couple months, which is BEAUTIFUL..love it!

    Well, from the looks of the bag in the picture, It does look like the real deal..

    Well, btw, the way (my favourite way actually!) I authenticate a mulberry is by smelling the leather (I know this is not possible until you get the bag..) it's a very distinct and delicious smell..

    Hope this helps in your decision making process..(if it's not too late already)

    Once you own your first Mulberry, life will never be the same again!!*wink*wink*

    Best of luck with it all!

    p.s I'm just a teeny weeny bit concern with the fact that there isn't a dust bag for this bag..because even if it was a display or return item, there should be a dust bag for it..
  6. Thanks mulfreak. I'm trying so hard to find out some more info on this seller. The feedback is so good though. Apparently an authentic marni bag was sold by the seller! So that's a good sign
  7. Go for it then!

    Mulberry rocks!
  8. The Mulberry bags that I've seen in the department stores in the U.S. have little black labels inside that say where the bag is made. I have a Mulberry Roxanne and it says "Made in Turkey." I think Mulberry Rosemary bags have tags inside that say "Made in China" though I'm not 100% sure . . . can anyone out there with a Mulberry Rosemary verify this?
  9. I have Roxanne and Araline and I think this is ok :yes: Leather looks good etc. And it is lovely bag!
    Btw I agree Mulfreak, smelling the leather is good way to authenticate Mulberry bags.
  10. I thought all Mulberry bags were made in the UK - Shepton Mallet where their factory is? But i could be wrong as i'm not an expert. I don't have mine with me today to check either - sorry :shame:
  11. I have a roxanne made in china
  12. My Roxanne is made in Turkey and Araline in China :yes: Both are bought directly from Mulberry.
  13. Both my roxanne and phoebe are made in Turkey and I purchased them from reputable department stores (Holt Renfrew and Nordstrom).

    shallot - yes, I agree with everyone else, your auction looks authentic. Congrats on a great deal! Remember to post pics when you get it:smile: