Urgent!! LV Agenda owners!!

  1. Hello! I just got my frambroise small ring agenda, and I need a calendar just for the months of October 06 to December 06. Should I order Filofax's 2006 or 2007 calendar?? Thanks! I am not sure what months they cover:smile:
  2. Sometimes you can buy a calendar that runs from August-August. If that doesn't suit you, you'll be stuck buying the 2006 and only using 3 months of it... that's what I did since my new agenda came stocked with 2007 already.
  3. Hmmm... I've heard that if you're cool with your SA, they'll give you the refills free if the year is almost over? :shrugs:
  4. I am in the same position. I bought the 2007 LV complete agenda refill, but I have nothing for the remainder of 2006. I am considering ordering the filofax 2006 one. How do you like your new agenda?
  5. i'm a fan of coach calendars. they run from august/sept on, they're inexpensive, and they have different types (one week on two pages, a day on a page, etc.)
  6. :sad:I ordered from elux
  7. Coach refills don't fit in small ring agendas.

    The filofax one is only like $10, right? You may just have to eat it, unfortunately.
  8. I thought the coach calendars were spiral bound?
  9. I love the Coach ones as well but the LV agenda is a six ring binder style:sad:
  10. i just bought it this week- they make the spiral bound for their current agendas, but coach USED to make ring agendas, so they still make the refills for them. i have a day on a page in my small agenda now!
  11. Thanks! I called 1800 Vuitton and they are trying to help me out...the boutique by my house doesn't have any 2006 refills left!:sad:
  12. Maybe you can try Franklin Covey. The "Pocket" size refills might fit the Small Ring LV Agendas. They have a variety of designs. I don't know if this is still the case, but when I worked there, they sold refills for Jan-Jan, July-July, and I either Oct or Sept. I can't remember. There might be one more, too.
  13. Thanks! I actually went to Frankline Covey today after work and it looks like they might be a smidge too big for the small ring:sad:
  14. Hi! I just got a new vernis red small agenda last month ( I love it! I just have to say:wlae:). Anyhoo.....I ordered the 2006 calender from filofax.com in the "pocket" size and I would say thats what you need for Oct thru Dec 2006. If you can get it for free from LV go that route, but definitly don't "buy" it from LV because filofax is so much cheaper and the best for you since you only need two months worth.

    p.s. Just want to add that the "pocket" size from filofax.com fits the small agenda perfectly. I learned all this from fellow pfer Lola24;).
  15. i also just got my vernis framboise small ring agenda earlier this month... i was asking my SA about what to do about refills and then she gave me one for free since she said it's years end and they can give it out now...
    maybe you can go back and ask your SA for the 2006 one