URGENT!!! Is this a good choice for Mom?

  1. I have a question for you all. I went into the Coach store last night to do my pre-sale and was looking for a bag to get my mom for Christmas. The one that I had originally planned to get was actually really small and my second choice was not available. I was torn between the signature stripe tote and the Chelsea Optic hobo in chocolate. I settled on the hobo because of its turnlock closure (vs a dogleash clip) What do you all think? Did I make the right choice? I am still able to change my order if not. My mom is 55 years old and works part time. She has quite a few bags that she saves for dressed up occasions so I was looking more for an everyday bag. Now, I am thinking maybe a gallery tote would have been better. ARGGGHHH! I am confusing myself. Can you please give me your opinions and if you have any other suggestions, those would be great too. I have attached thumbnails of the bags that I am thinking of. I have 4 more hours to change my order if necessary. Thanks so much!
    10990_SVCH-1_d2.jpg 11098_BBRBZ-1_d2.jpg 11237_BKHTN-1_d2.jpg
  2. I know my MIL would like the Gallery tote and she's 50. I think it's perfect for an everyday bag.
  3. I think the optic hobo is beautiful and the brown in person looks totally different than the picture. It's so subtly gorgeous! And I like the Chelsea line because the turnlock closure adds something special to an otherwise standard bag.
    The chelsea turnlock wristlet I have is my favorite for that reason.
  4. I personally love the Chelsea, but for my mom or mil the optic might be too much for them.. if you think she would like the optic, Chelsea is a GREAT bag :tup:
  5. You are such a great daughter!!! I am thinking that the Gallery tote would be much better for an everyday bag though. The Chelsea is a great bag also, but that turnlock top may be a pain to open.
  6. Actually the turnlock is not a PITA at all, it's very easy to open, much faster than a zipper :smile:
  7. Oh really? Huh! That's actually what was keeping me from getting the khaki one....great now you've helped me add another bag to my list, candace! lol!!!
  8. Does she actually like signature? This is just my observation, but most older women prefer leather. Just a thought...if she likes sig items, I'd say any of the 3 are probably good choices. Does the chelsea fit on the shoulder? If so, then that might be another good reason to get it. Good luck!

  9. I would most definitely go for the gallery tote-I'm an "older woman" and would absolutely pick this for myself over the chelsea.....the chocolate brown or black signature is classy and subdued and perfect for everyday wear. let us know which you picked!
  10. Definately!!! :tup: I have the large signature Chelsea hobo and Love it! The turnlock is SO convenient. :yes:
  11. I would say Gallery tote because it's classic Coach and very practical!
  12. She does prefer leather but all of her bags are leather except for one all black signature large Soho pocket flap. I guess I was thinking about going for something a bit different. I really do like the shape of the Chelsea and the fact that it is a shoulder bag. I guess my only issue is the actual optic print. Do you all think it is appropriate for her age range? She has this issue with stuff not being "too young" for her although I don't think that this is an issue. IMO, if you love it then go for it but she is a bit more conservative. I like the print but I am afraid that she might not. Do you think it would be a nice design for mom?
  13. Ok...my bag is not shipping out until tomorrow. Can anyone else chime in with an opinion?
  14. I would go with the gallery tote. I have the sig stripe tote and I know my mom always says she can't stand how there is no zipper to keep people from reaching into my bag- just the little dogleash clip. Maybe its just my mom and her friends but they all like their bags to close all the way. I think the optic print could be a little too funky for mom- if youre going to get her a coach & she doesnt have many then I would go for something in the class C pattern. Hope that helps!
  15. *classic