Urgent Info. Needed!

  1. Yesterday I bought a Clinique derma white super city block with SPF40 and it has a strange thing. There is a white sticker attached to hided the ingredients on both box and at the tube itself. Do you think is there any mistakes or any harmful ingredients that they want to hide?

    I took the sticker out and under it stated:
    Zinc Oxide 8.8%
    Octinoxate 7.5%
    Titanium Dioxide 6.6% and Octisalate 2%

    does anyone know? I opened the box last few minutes ago and I have noticed this sticker.

    Any ideas? Please......I'm afraid to use it now :sad:
  2. What are the so-called "harmful" ingredients??
  3. it these ingredents hidden under the sticker which i really don't know if they were harmful
    Zinc Oxide 8.8%
    Octinoxate 7.5%
    Titanium Dioxide 6.6% and Octisalate 2%
  4. Those ingredients are basically sunscreens. The only reason why I can see them covering the ingredients is because they're no longer using them (or the percentages changed) in the product and the ingredients on packaging wasn't changed in time, so they just went ahead with production. :shrugs:

    Where did you buy the product? From a dept. store/retailer?
  5. Those are the ACTIVE ingredients in the product that make it do what it does so to speak. Not harmful.
  6. I think they should be alright.. I've used this product before.. But have now found my HG - Clarins UV Plus SPF40.. it makes my face glow!!
  7. Thank you everyone ... I feel better now :smile:
  8. I agree. Sunscreen basically helps to prevent brown spots which contributes to the "whitening action" of your product. Also, I've bought stuff before too and they had a sticker covering the back because I'm in a province where French law prevails and the bottle had everything in English, so they had to cover up the ingredients to translate them into French:yes:
  9. I'm in Canada and we often have stickers covering ingredients, because the government has not allowed, as yet, certain ingredients to be listed on certain items. Sunscreen in particular takes a long time to be approved here.

    I'm used to seeing a new sticker covering the old sticker on my cosmetics. I always peel them off to see what they are hiding too. :smile: It is never anything interesting.
  10. Here in Mexico they usually do that, I think mainly because it's in english or something. I don't think you'd have to worry about it. Or ask the saleslady, just to be sure!