Urgent! I Need Your Help Girls!

  1. Hi all!

    Long story short, I've been searching for a luxury bowler for a really long time and decided to get the one in Sydney. But I live all the way in Brunei. They have it on hold for me, and I just need the ITEM CODE so that I can tell it to my friend in Sydney who is going to buy it for me and bring it back to Brunei.

    I told the SA that it's the Luxury line Bowler in the patent leather [This is correct i assume?]. But this item code is just to double check with the SA when he gets there. I can't send him a photo because he has no internet access at the moment since he's only there on holiday.

    So girls, i need your help ASAP since he will be going into the shop in about 9 hours time. Anyone have the item code for this product?


    I'm really sorry I took the photo off another thread and I forgot who posted it up..


  2. Is it possible to forward this picture to the boutique, so they can verify it's the same bag? Or can they take a picture and send it to you?
  3. I did ask the boutique whether they could send a photo to me, but they said they couldn't? Maybe i'll ask again when I call tomorrow morning..
  4. Send the photo to the SA in the store.
  5. I don't know why I didn't think of it before. haha. I sent her the photo and it is indeed the bag. Hopefully she'll send it off to my bf in Brisbane soon and before long, it'll be in my hands!! :smile: I'm so incredibly happy. Eventhough I haven't actually seen the bag IRL. Just fell in love with it after looking at everyone's photos carrying it!

    If the deerskin ever does come out again, I most definitely will consider buying another one.

    Next up, Baby Coco Cabas and timeless clutch. I'm addicted!!

    Many thanks to everyone who helped me!

  6. Congrats! Please model it when you get it! :yahoo: