URGENT! I need ideas!

  1. Okay, let me start by saying hello to everyone on the LV forum!

    I'm thinking about getting a Vuitton handbag and my fiancee will use his overdraft to pay for it (it's interest free and I'm going to be reimbursing him gradually.. I dont have an overdraft! :rolleyes:, were both students) and I need idea's! My budget is probably up to £300 (roughly $600 I think) and I'm looking for something which could fit the essentials and maybe some extra things like make-up? I'm leaning more towards the Monogram Canvas style.

    All suggestions welcome, plus I would really appreciate anybody's experience with the Neverfull and Batignolle's range :okay:

    Thanks alot! I'm going to be on for a while until I make a decision :yahoo:
  2. £300 Monogram to me that screams SPEEDY!!!

    It fits the world and it's the perfect classic vuitton
  3. Wow thanks for the quick response! XD

    Hmm, I'm unsure about the speedy because it's handheld isn't it? I'd probably feel more comfortable with an over shoulder.. but thank you! :flowers:
  4. I don't use my speedy that much because I use my BH the most.

    I am not a fan of the Neverfull.
  5. I was wondering does anyone have any modelling photo's of the Speedy 25? I AM appealed by them still..

  6. I am really keen on the BH's style :yes:

    Is it easy to get things in and out of the bag?
  7. Yes.

    The bag is practical and roomy.
  8. You can try a search on the Speedy 25, there are lots of pics in the Visual Aids thread. If you like the look of the Speedy but are unsure of the handheld factor, give it a chance! I didn't think I would be able to deal with a handheld bag but I love how classy it looks!

  9. Cool, thanks for your input :tup:

  10. Thank you! I will give it consideration although I am really leaning towards the BH! Keep 'em coming people!
  11. my first choice with £300 budget is the speedy 30, second is the BH.

    as you have said u are not sure abt the speedy, go for the BH instead. i like that bag personally, and not a fan of neverfull.

    in terms of speedy 25, i think that is a bit too small for my liking.

    if you have the chance do go to the shop try it out, this way you know how it fits on you and whether u like it.
  12. I understand what you're saying, I've seen a girl with one and it is kinda small.. I would go to a shop but the closest is London.. and thats really out of my bounds with lack of transport and such :sad:
  13. I have a speedy 25 it does fit a llot but perhap the 30 is a little more versatile there is a little more rummage room.

    BH is also a good choice I'd say they are the best 2 bags for approx £300
  14. My first thought was the Speedy 25 for you. I have the Speedy 25 in Damier and adore it. I don't have any modeling shots, but I am sure there must be some out there.