Urgent Help!

  1. So awhile ago I mailed a Marc Jacobs purse to Canada using Fedex. I just received a notice in the mail indicating that the person I sent the purse to refused to pay duty taxes, and now FedEx is going to bill me $75 because they have refused to pay! What can I do? This is crazy!
  2. So the person gets to keep the bag, but you have to pay $75 because they refused to pay customs charges? I would contact this person and let them know you plan on reporting them to customs. Certainly it has to be illegal to circumvent fees like that.
  3. wow... that one is new to me. they didn't give you an option to have it returned to you instead of paying??
  4. Fedex cannot make you pay. they should not have delivered if the buyer would not pay the fees.
  5. Thats just not right. I live in Canada and I am always aware of the fact that if I order International I will be charged customs and taxes and I always factor that in.

    The other thing is I am never able to receive an item unless I pay the taxes due on it, so this is Fedex's problem no yours. The driver should not deliver unless customs and taxes are paid. Tell Fedex that and tell them customs and taxes are always the responsibilty of the person who made the purchase and who lives in the country where they are due!
  6. You shouldn't have to pay. Keep checking into the legalities of it.
  7. But then how would you get it back if FedEx already dropped it off?
    That sucks!!! What are you going to do?
    I think that it would have turned out differently if you had declared it as a gift and had a low price.
    I'm sorry that this had to happen. Some sellers will declare it as a gift - some refuse. It just depends on how much you're willing to bend, but at this point, it doesn't matter.
    Now you have to pay $75....???? :wtf:
  8. This isn't much help to you (and I FEEL your pain), but I never ship Fedex or UPS to Canada, because they charge both the customs fee, and on top of that a fee for taking the item through customs (sometimes up to $40). My advice, and I KNOW it is too late for you, is only to ship to Canada through USPS.

    Hopefully somebody more knowledgeable than me will be here soon to let you know what to do to sort out this information.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  9. This is why I do NOT ship international! No way, no how. EVERY time I do there is always issues. Its not worth it. There's plenty of buyers in the US.
  10. This is very true, USPS is the best method!
  11. Did you contact the buyer? The buyer is still responsible for those fees. Those were her fees to pay. BTW, I order a lot of Luisaviaroma, and Fedex always delivers my packages, and then I receive a duty/custom bill about a week or so later. I then pay the bill. It is really simple if people follow the rules. I agree with everyone else re: shipping from America to foreign locales - use USPS.
  12. That is not right at all, that should be paid by the buyer.
  13. Thank you guys so much. I emailed the buyer but they have 0 feedback, I'm sure this is the first time they bought on eBay. I also tried to call FedEx but this office is closed on weekends- so I will try back tomorrow and let you know. The ironic thing is- I was trying to help the buyer save some money on shipping- which is why I went FedEx international ground, however I usually use USPS. Thank you guys again!
  14. Did the Buyer receive the package?
    Usually Fedex would require the Buyer to fill out forms,
    if it is their 1st transaction with Fedex, pay the fees and
    THEN deliver.

    Your post doesn't really say where the package is.