Urgent Help !

  1. Hi:
    a friend's friend has a 2005 choclate coloured paddy for sell, coz she' staying at my place , i was able to take some pics of her bag and is hoping that all Chloe experts out there can tell me if its the real thing or not, coz i am no expert !
    thanks~ she's leaving on wednesday, so its super urgent !! :nuts:
    chloe1.JPG chloe3.JPG
  2. another two pic of the bag ~
    Chloe4.JPE chloe11.jpg
  3. It looks like it is, but I have a 2006 Choco. Perhaps the 2005 Choco paddy owners will be able to determine more than I can. And some of the pics are kind of dark..maybe a lighter pic of the first one, and a side view of the bag will help, too?
  4. I don't mean to be less than pleasant, but since she is your friend, don't you believe where she says it came from? Why is she selling and how much does she want for it?

    It is hard to tell from your pictures. The 1st picture lays properly, but is a dark photo. The stitching in the 4th picture looks correct, but the leather looks a little off.
  5. It looks exactly like my friends fake (which she paid $400. for and it is very nice) and does not look at all like my real choco. the brown had much more red tones in the real bags and the stitching is different. I say fake
  6. It's always good to get a second opinion especially when luxury bags are not cheap. Someone even claimed to have gotten a fake from a reputable online retailer recently, so there's nothing wrong in being careful.

    kuma2006, do you know where she has gotten the bag from and what's the price she's quoting you?
  7. hmn......she said she bought it from a boutique in France last year, because she's a friend's friend, I don't really know that much about her, only that she's an air hostess so i assumed that she doesn't use fake stuff :P her asking price for the bag is US$750 which i think is reasonable if its a REAL Chloe bag....but i am just not sure......
  8. ^ Don't assume! Even celebrities carry fakes.

    Hope the other paddy experts can help out...
  9. yes....i guess if its a really good fake, it will be hard to tell :weird: its hard to take pictures of this bag ,its either too dark or too bright ! does anyone have a 2005 pic of their paddy they can post up for me to compare ?

    thank you so much :idea:
  10. Are you guys SURE thats a fake? It looks quite like my black one (though the leather is a little grainy..but that coud just be the cameras flash)...
  11. I looked at fakes on Ebay to compare and the stitching color wasn't right like this one.

    The initial 2005 bags were smooth dark dark brown leather and much more distressed. The next 2 batches were pebbled leather, less 'run over by a truck' looking, and had some red tones to the brown.
  12. I think I may see something. On the side buckles, does the round cylinder sit next to the C or the e in the engraving?
  13. :worried: the leather looks too shiny (fake) - unless its the camera flash...
  14. I have a chocolate Paddy satchel and I think your friend's bag is fake. The leather looks too grainy (unless it's the camera). 2005 leather was extremely slouchy and soft. The rivets are wrong, there should not be a rivet at the bottom of the key thong, and the plate the lock sits on appears to have three rivets on the bottom versus two. The zipper pulls look too thin and the Chloe lettering looks off too. I wouldn't go there if I were you.

    Here are photos of my 2005 chocolate Paddington from the autumn/winter collection.
    Chocki2.jpg chocki1.jpg ChockiHang2.JPG ChockiHang.JPG
  15. Shame on your friend's "friend" trying to pass that off on you. :mad: