URGENT HELP! White Patent Joli Noeud Dorcets

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  1. I am DESPERATE need of shoe help and my first thought was to check with all the phenomenal CL fashionistas on here.

    Does anyone know where I can find the White Patent Joli Noeud Dorcet? I wanted to wear them with the either the aqua or red dresses attached for my bridal shower this Sunday. :wtf:

    I apologize that I have been MIA on here :flowers:-- I've been swamped between planning my wedding for this August and otherwise living at the office. I can't believe I nearly forgot shoes! :shame:

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  2. ^^^ I'm also open to any other suggestions for shoes that might match either of these dresses. TIA!!!! :tender:
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    Call CL Vegas, they have them!!!
  4. Yep, I think I saw them in the Las Vegas CL store. It was there like a month ago though. If not you can get the linen NP, those would also look great as they are a similar. LVPiggy has them and she has some great modeling shots of her with them.
  5. WHAT???? I called LV a few months ago when I posted the link from TaishasMan and they didn't have them then. I ended up getting the YoYo in White Patent instead! Crap! I really wanted the Joli Neoud Dorsay! I'm bummed!

    If you can't find the Joli in White, try the Decollette in Patent Camel which will go with either dress. Gorgeous dresses, btw. Where are they from?
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    oo_let_me_see & javaboo - Thanks for the tip!! I'm also going to check out the linen NP as well - if I remember correctly, I think it had a gold covered platform and was just gorgeous!

    I called the CL boutique in LV before. I haven't called them before and was impressed at how extraordinarily friendly and accomodating the SA was. They didn't have the white patent Jolis in my size, but they have the NP in all white patent. My only hesitation is that I like the NPs and VPs that have peeptoes in a different color than the rest of the shoe.

  7. Wantmore - Thanks for the compliments on the dresses. They're both Catherine Malandrino. I really want to wear the aqua colored one on Sunday, but think I may have to go with the red if I can't find shoes to match the aqua dress.

    It seems the red one is the easier one to match shoes with - I tried your suggestion for a nude shoe (I have the yoyos) and loved :heart: how it looked with it. My python VPs also go with it, and I think the rose gold VPs would also match (after seeing a celeb wearing the rose gold/red dress combo on the celebs & CLs thread). If only it were easier to match shoes to the aqua dress!
  8. i think you should wear your nude yoyos over a white shoe.
  9. Thanks for the info. I love Catherine Malandrino!

    I'm glad that your existing shoes already works! Did you try your YoYo with the Blue dress? I'm sure it will go.

    The one I suggested was the Camel Patent, which might go better with the Blue than the Nude with blush tones. Here are mine (post # 5518).....

  10. Both dresses are really cute, but I love the aqua. I agree the nudes might be the way to go.
  11. Did you ask about the linen ones at the LV CL store? That is were I got mine. I believe NM had them before too but I'm not sure if they are sold out there.

    Here is a picture of mine:
  12. ^^ Java, how much were the linen NP's, if you don't mind?