Urgent Help-Sell my wallet?

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  1. I bought the new design Louis Vuitton Sarah wallet in the middle of last year. I have found now that im looking into purchasing designer handbags that all/most of the bags I like wouldnt fit the Sarah wallet inside.
    I find the wallet quite large for me and am thinking of selling it for only a small amount less than what I bought it (within reason of course).
    Do you think that ill regret selling the wallet?
    I was thinking of buying a card holder to replace it and using my key cles to hold extra cards.
    THOUGHTS??? :confused1::confused1:
  2. If it doesn't fit your handbags and you would prefer something else, I say go for it. It's better to buy something that you like, enjoy and will use, rather than leaving it there.
  3. Really Love the new Sarah wallet :hbeat:

    Try to get a bag where it could fit? :P
  4. Oh you do? Have you bought it or just admired from afar?
    I definitely went through a large wallet stage but at the moment im not feeling it at all.

    Yeah I could do that but at the moment my wish list is nano sac de jour, mini fendi peekaboo and a medium YSL monogramme bag. All of which wouldnt work with such a cumbersome wallet :rain:
  5. I still have my old sarah wallet :hbeat:; but I love this one too (rose ballerine :love:) ; I love long wallet for having more space for my cards (sephora, credit cards etc.), money etc.

    The only "small" bag I have is the speedy 25B; my Sarah is okay inside. Ah yes I have a smaller bag from Italy for going out and for this bag, I bought a cards holder and I use my key pouch also.
  6. yes the rose ballerine shade is so dreamy. My Sarah is in monogramme, which I feel like I dont love as much anymore either which is sad.
    What cardholder did you purchase? I think putting the money I make from selling my wallet towards a bag might be a good choice, especially considering im only 17 and dont need to carry many cards/much cash
  7. I recently sold my zippy compact due to the almost same reason, my purses are large enough to hold but I mainly use my cles and rarely break out my wallet so I sold it to fund another purse that I will get much more use out of.
  8. Have you had any regrets selling your larger wallet?
  9. I'm on the opposite end. I have a Josephine wallet my husband purchased for me that I am going to sell because it doesnt have enough card slots, although I like the size. I've never used the wallet. I say sell if you dont use.
  10. I love love my Sarah wallet and waiting for my third one to arrive. I have a lot of cards and it fits all and I don't find it bulky at all.
    The smallest bag I own that fits in is the twinset(twice) bag. I'm one that dislike changing wallets so it's good. For my nano bags I use either the poch cles or multicartes.
  11. I have two Sarah wallets and LOVE them but my next wallet will be smaller. It's just too large for my needs now.
  12. Hope the name is okay ? I went to the men section. Bought the small organizer. Damier ébène. Many slots . Wanted to sell it after but so easy to use inside my small bag. Not very feminine but useful.
    And put my money inside my key pouch .
  13. Anais wallet looks nice too and smaller than the Sarah ;)
  14. sell it and get a smaller wallet - no need to have it if you are not using it....
  15. Sell it! If you've thought about selling it then don't regret it, you can make more use out of getting a smaller one or getting a handbag that you'll actually use! maybe look into a zippy coin purse perhaps?