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  1. hi ladies...sorry to double-post. i posted this last night in the "authenticating section" but haven't been able to get a response. i'm about to bid on a chloe hampton and was wondering if i can get anyone's help authenticating it....if these were paddies, i'd say they are too good to be true but with hampton, i'm on un familiar territory....so any help will be much appreciated....

    thanks lovelies!

    eBay Australia: Chloe Hampton Handbag in Oak Leather (item 200041238942, end time 01-Nov-06 11:00:00 AEDST)

    eBay: CHLOE Authentic Brown Leather Bag Purse Gold Hardware (item 150049994285 end time Nov-01-06 19:25:50 PST)
  2. Hi!

    Not convinced on the 1st bag...if she was so disappointed with the bag, why didn't she leave neg for the original seller...?:shrugs: Talking of the original seller...they have an awful lot of designer goods for sale at rather cheap prices... I'm a bit wary of that.
    I could be wrong, but i'm just not sure!

    The second bag...i'm going to say a yes - looks good.:flowers:
  3. thanks for that, chicky. good investigative work on the original seller too! i was kind of surprised about that positive feedback too.
    it's so hard to buy off ebay sometimes...the stress and all. always good to get another point of view. thanks!
  4. No probs! You're right though - you've just got to keep looking, digging, searching...eventually you'll find what you want.:yes:

    Good luck! x:flowers:
  5. I know you were in a bind, but we really need everyone to post their questions as to authenticity in the Authenticate This Chloe Thread. Thank you.
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