Urgent Help please

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  1. I really need help with this.
    I listed an item on eBay and I listed my requirement
    that I do not wish bidders with less than 5 positive feedbacks to bid my item. But the winning bidder of my item only has 1 feedback. I do not want to complete my
    transaction with this buyer. How do I cancel this bid
    after the auction has ended ? I send an email/question
    to eBay but they did not give me an answer, just told
    me how to get contact with the user to resolve the issue. I don't wish to go through that. I just want to
    cancel the bid.
    Thanks in advance
  2. I'm not sure how u should do this, but log onto the front page of eBay and use their LIVE help where you can chat with someone from ebay.
  3. Why don't you give the winning bidder a chance first? They may be an excellent buyer, but new to eBay. I'd wait and see if they pay you first before jumping the gun and doing anything else.
  4. ^^true, i agree. didnt think about that.
  5. Maybe try the bidder first~ we were all new once. If you are truely uncomfortable, do like theothers have said and use e-bay live help. Good Luck!
  6. Give them a break...if they don't pay...then take action. Everybody has no feedback once in their lives. Good luck.
  7. I would definitely cancel their bid. If they can't even read your auction requirements they will probably be trouble. If the bidder was truely a good buyer but just new to eBay he/she would have e-mailed you to ask if she could bid on the item. I hope I am wrong and they pay quickly.
  8. I agree...it would have been ideal if she would only have read the listing through, but see what happens...maybe she will pay fast and be on her way.
  9. I believe you can go into your ebay profile and check where it limits bidders with such low feedback. It won't help this time but it will for future sales.
  10. I too would give her some time and see what happens - often my best buyers have been new to Ebay. And it can be a bit confusing when you first start - for whatever reason, she may have missed that bit of your listing but it doesn't necessarily mean she'll be a disaster! Was her single feedback as a buyer or seller? I assume it is positive?
  11. Seems like everybody here suggest I should give the new buyer a chance.
    How many days should I wait for the payment ?
  12. you can try to send the buyer a friendly message stating your concerns. let him/her know that you are willing to give them a chance to pay... also, give her a time allowance to pay or respond.
  13. I think the settings only let you block bidders with a -1 FB
  14. If she pays within 7 days and has a confirmed paypal address, I would ship it. We all started somewhere. I had a really nice seller for my first ebay transaction and I try to do the same. There are some jerks, but some people just need to get started. If she pays and is confirmed, I would ship with no concerns.

    Good luck!
  15. I did the same thing, I was selling a LV bag and the buyer won and she was a zero feedback. But it all turned out wonderful, she was a nice lady, sent me a MO (I waited for it to clear) and all was fine. I would maybe give them a chance just get a signature confirmation when you mail, make sure they are confirmed or tell them to send you a Postal MO