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  1. Several of us over the past week have been reporting this auction on eBay. It has ended once and has been relisted, we have re-reported it and it is still there.

    Please help us and report for us. They are selling bundles of Chloe Bags in lots of 10s for £900. They have 10 lots available. That is a mighty big number of people who are potentially going to be spammed by him, unless we can take him down.

    eBay: 10 x Chloe paddington handbags wholesale (item 110140284007 end time Jun-23-07 05:08:16 PDT)
  2. Thanks for letting us know, Solly. :tup:

    How do we go about reporting this seller? :yucky:

    I'm ashamed to admit I have never bought anything off eBay, but do have an account. I will look up the details myself, but maybe a very few other people are on the same boat.
  3. what? is it mean that those bag are fake? :yucky:
  4. yes, the bags are def. fake. nobody in their right mind would sale authentic Chloes in bulk for that cheap. thank God that the auction's been taken off. :tup:
  5. Just looked at it (to report it) and it looks like it has been removed AGAIN!.

    Keep a look out and let us know if you see it again.
  6. For future reference, if you open the auction and go right down to the bottom. Under the bidding information there are some prompts and one of them is 'Report this item' you just need to select that then the 3 reasons for reporting it - ie Copyright infridgement then select email and it will ask you to confirm the auction number and heh its reported. (Well thats how it works on EBay.co.uk so I presume that .com is the same!)
  7. Thanks for that everyone. I was getting so frustrated at not being able to get it pulled the first time. When it got relisted, I was :wtf:

    He was supplying 10 lots of 10 bags. Surely the authorities should have some way of checking the source of these items.

    Thanks again, you saved me another day of banging my head against my computer screen. :graucho:
  8. its gone again
  9. Good work!!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.