Urgent help please - Mulberry rosemary colours?

  1. Hi all....
    I've just ordered a Mulberry Rosemary...and am confused with some of the colour labels!!
    On NAP, there is a mauve which looks like the pix on the left
    On LVR (where I ordered from), the colour Lavender is like the pix on the right. (This is the bayswater, but i'm guessing the colour is as such)...

    On mulberry.com, there isn't a mauve - only a lavender which looks similar to the lavender colour on LVR.....So, are mauve and lavender indeed the same colour? Sorry if I sound like I'm rambling...going a bit crazy looking at the colours!!

    Thanks in advanced for any help....
    Mauve.jpg Lavender.jpg
  2. I had a mauve rosemary I got from Barneys New York in MA - it was not the light pink color as above - it was a darker, deeper color w/tinge of brown - I actually decided I didn't like the color and returned for oak...I've seen the pale pink color on the Barneys website also and I think it was called mauve so I don't know about their colors! Weird...
  3. i know. i actually like the mauve much more than the lavender altho i think it can be the lighting that's causing the difference in colour. i saw chicky's picture of her mauve rosemary and it looks really good. am hoping the lavender is indeed the same colour!! :blink:
  4. I actually think the mauve looks more like the salmon pink from last season. They have a blenheim on sale in that color on NAP.
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