Urgent help please! Is the Caviar this season not as structured as before?

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  1. #1 Oct 12, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2010
    Hello Ladies. I need urgent advice please. Going to buy another black Jumbo in Caviar tomorrow morning. Is it true that this season's caviar Jumbos are not as structured in shape as the older ones? If so, do you recommend that I wait? I don't want to wait, because I don't want to purchase the ones with the double flaps. I also don't have access to a Chanel Boutique at the moment, so I'll be placing the order by phone. My only concern is that this seasons's caviar Jumbo will not be as structured in form. Advice please!

    I'm sorry, I'm sure this topic has already been discussed, but I couldn't find a specific thread that addressed the issue. And I have to make the decision by tomorrow. Thank you so much once again! :smile:
  2. l know they haven't been structured for a few months now. Its certainly true that you will find that the caviar appears more shiny, less structured and less 'pebbly'...
    You could try your luck to see if the SA could maybe 'handpick' you a more structured one (assuming she has a few to choose from)

    Good luck on your purchase. Im actually waiting to get a double flap because of the fact that i want the more structured luck
  3. Thank you so much chrisnavline54! I wasn't 100% sure, and I was really hoping that maybe some of the current ones were like the older jumbos. My SA is actually ordering it from another boutique, so I guess it will depend on her rapport with the other sales associate. I really do not want to wait for the price increase. Don't know what to do now! :confused1:
  4. do you think the double flap makes the difference? i looked at a patent 227 today (granted not caviar) and it seemed verrrrry soft/squishy. like way more than my 10c patent jumbo with one flap. way more than the 225 distressed i used to have. and my caviar flap from 10c as well as a black 00v circa that time are relatively "soft" but still the grainier caviar as well where as 09a blue caviar more structured but still one flap... take a chance and hopefully you can return it if you don't like it. or if you really want structured caviar do vintage??!!??
  5. Thanks pls5, didn't want to go vintage but I do like the older jumbos from a couple of years back. I guess I don't really have much choice then but to buy the current one. I am not exactly sure how a double flap would make it more structured.
  6. since they seem to be reverting to the 2.55 as what was it "icon" bag, the idea there was the lamb was worked and sewn like fabric... and well the original fabric ones were fabric too :smile: so it would not be surprising to me if with the new OLD construction the materials will be much softer and i suppose helped to maintain shape with double flap. but i guess i am not sure it will be so much "structured" as not entirely squished!!??!! kind of ot but has anyone seen maxi with double flap??
  7. in addition, the cc lock is too thin and small compares with last year jumbos. I just happened to checked at Saks few days back, and was so disappointed about that.
    My black jumbo has flat and thick cc lock while the beige has round but still bigger than the currents.

    another thing is their jumbo leather straps are smaller and those metal links thinner as well. Not much, but it does made the bag lighter, and the same with new m/l 's straps.
  8. the new jumbo straps are thinner??!!?? ew (i didn't like the coco rain straps because they seemed thinner) i am curious re cc lock--so this is even vs any 10c or 10p bags?!?!?!?? crazy! any pics
  9. Ceya, the straps are thinner and smaller?! :sad: I don't mind the bag being lighter, but I love the older straps. I really wish I had bought another black jumbo last year. The jumbo that I already own is so beautiful. I should not have waited for another :sad: I have the '09 maxi with the so called "wings," but for that bag I intentionally wanted a more relaxed look because the maxi is such a large bag. For my smaller flaps, I really want them to be very boxy and structured. So sad now.
  10. I'll definitely post pics once it comes in.
  11. I'm waiting for the same bag - please do post pics, I would love to see it!
  12. #12 Oct 13, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2010
    I have 2 jumbos and 5 m/ls for comparing, therefore easier to note the difference. Otherwise, you can't

    Pls5, there are 2 jumbo CC locks at Saks. One is bigger than other (it is terribly small and thin. To me, it is so out of proportion on m/l not to mention with jumbo), but still smaller than mine at home.
    I haven't paid attention to current m/l cc locks.
  13. small straps along with thin metal links do made the bag light, but in the long run I like the thick one for more durable.
  14. #14 Oct 13, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2010
    Ceya, real quick question since you're so knowledgeable about the classics. When I bought my m/l black flap, I swear it looked as if the lambskin quilting was made really flat. Compared to all the other lambskin classics which I had seen in the store, mine looked like it didn't have any "puffiness." It was the only brand new black one in store at that time, so I kept it. Have you seen differences in the m/l quilting, and if so, is it just specific to each bag or maybe that batch of bags? Thanks so much for your advice!
  15. I saw a black caviar in maxi and jumbo yesterday and oh boy aren't they just so ugly. Even though they are adding an extra flap to the jumbo and the maxi and increasing the price, I'd rather wait to see how the new ones are gonna look like instead of panicking and buying the current ones which are just hideous.:nogood: