Urgent help needed

  1. Hi

    I saw an item I really liked - a Louis Vuitton scarf - it retails for about 180.00. Now I have no problems with the authenticity of the item.

    The Seller has no other designer goods items and has really good feedback. Anyway I e-mailed her and asked her if she would do a BIN and amazingly she said yes and we agreed on a price. She did not know how to end an item so I gave her the necessary link and this morning I receive an e-mail saying she has ended it (she has I have checked!) but when she tried to relist it she is unable to as her account is up to its selling limits and is unable to list it for 7 days. She says to has e-mailed eBay to ask why.

    Now I really want to wear this scarf on weds - and the buyer has said she will send me a paypal invoice if she can't get it relisted today and will post on Monday.

    I do have really good vibes about this seller but I am mindful if I do this the transaction will be about eBay and therefore not covered. I am using papypal and paying by credit card.

    What would you guys do?
  2. A gut feeling is always important. I myself have taken a few outside of eBay risks and all have gone off without a hitch. Also, if the price is low and you can handle the loss (and are up for a risk!) I would say do it. I can't in good conscience tell you to go ahead with it though, as it is against their policy to do that and you won't be covered. I don't want you to be disappointed! It's definitely a personal choice though.
  3. I have sold some shoes outside Ebay to a woman whom I just 'knew' was sound when I couldn't offer BIN because I had too little in the way of feedback. I also bought a purse from a lovely couple when the plan was they'd relist with a BIN option, but for some reason it never appeared and I wanted the purse asap for a present. Both worked out fine. Both were absolutely based on intuition. Both times I knew I was taking a risk though . . .I'd definitely trust my intuition again, but would do so in the knowledge it might go wrong.
  4. Thanks - I must admit my gut is saying yes! I have have a lot of dialogue with her and the only reason she mentioned doing it without paypal was so I could get it in the time frame I wanted!!

    If it all goes worng (I like to consider worse case) then would I have any protection through paypal?

  5. Yes, you still will have protection, you will just need to pay for it as non auction goods. I too have done this in the past, somebody has ended the auction early and sent me a paypal invoice etc.. If she has replied to you, and you have got on well, there is no reason not too if it feels right to you.

    Good luck Rachel, and show us your fab new scarf! (oh and where you going Wednesday, anywhere exciting ;))
  6. Beat me to it! Yes, the protection attaches to using Paypal rather than the nature of the transaction. Hope you love the scarf and it all works out in time. xx
  7. Thanks everyone! She said she has sent me a paypal invoice but I haven't received it yet! I think it is starting to dawn on her that she may have been best letting the auction run but I hope she will stand by the agreement!

    Chloebabe - just an awayday with work - but I want to look the part you know!;)
  8. Pay using amex. You will have its protection which is better than paypal.
  9. Even in the UK? I think Rachel is based in the UK like me and AMEX tends not to have the same power here as the USA I think, but could be wrong. Anyone know for sure?
  10. and if she hasnt already got an amex card registered under paypal, she will not be able to add it today would she?

    It will be fine. You may not have got the confirmation from Paypal yet as sometimes it takes a while to come through to your email, but you can log into your paypal account and see if there is a money request in there from her!

    and yep, very important to look the part at work ;) Must post piccies when it comes!
  11. Ok - still haven't received the invoice and have e-mailed twice! Am getting the feeling this is not going to happen - really gutted! :sad:

    Thanks for the help though :smile:
  12. oh no Rachel - thats really frustrating

    Maybe by the time I have finished typing this it will have hit your mailbox!

    Keep us posted. Hope it works out for you.
  13. Thanks SS!

    Well still no invoice and no response - maybe she is just busy?

    A little bit disappointed because I bought a shawl but am giving it as a present so this one is supposed to be for me and no time to go shopping!:crybaby: